Friday, August 18, 2006

Today's word "seises"

"seises" = six
Yes that six weeks in PGN. The forums had about 9 outs this week, and my agency had a few.
I myself had a few close calls.
Yesterday the phone rang and I looked on the caller ID, it said Ohio. Now my case worker is from Ohio, although I did not recognize that as her #, still is this her calling on another line. Suddenly I didn't want to pick up, what if it's a previo, but what if were out. Finally after about 4 rings I picked it up. Who was on the other end? A telemarketer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All that stress for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Nicole & Vinay-
We think about you guys constantly and can't wait for the phone call to tell us you're going to bring Olivia home! Her little friends are also anxiously awaiting her arrival---one more addition to the "small gang"!

Janet, Scott, Evan & Alex

Anonymous said...

hey guys...
we couldn't agree more with janet. aidan and connor can't wait to have another girl they can fight over when they get older:)
jamie, jay, and the boys:)

nikki said...

Thanks Janet and Jamie,
We are hoping to hear some good news in the coming weeks. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.
Vinay and Nicole