Friday, August 11, 2006

Today's word is an easy one "feliz"

"Feliz" = happy Yesterday was a great day for Guatemalan adoptions. The forums that I read had about 20 people come out of PGN. This is big news. There have not been so many outs in one month since March. My agency had 3 outs this week. The rumor is that Mr. PGN hired a lawyer to help him sign off on cases. I try not to listen to much of the rumors but, I can hope that more cases will continue to come out. I really hope some of the older cases come out. Well today marks 5 weeks in PGN. Compared to some cases that is not long at all but I still hope to hear something soon. But all in all I am happy today that we are 5 weeks closer to getting her home. I plan to enjoy my weekend down the shore with our great friends, and maybe enjoy doing grown up things like going out for dinner and drinks. Or just laying on the beach, not chasing after my baby. Soon enough my world will revolve around sleep schedules, teething, and, dare I say it, Barney. Feliz weekend everyone.

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