Monday, August 21, 2006

Todays word "familia"

Today's word and post is about Olivia's foster family, or foster "familia". I had some questions about Olivia's foster mother and sent them to the agency. Remember before we got our referral our lawyer's terms were that we not meet the foster mother. The lawyer is very protective of them and we agreed to this from the beginning. However lately I've been thinking alot about who Liv is spending these first few months of her life with. Here is what I asked and found out.
How old is the foster mom? About 50
Does she have any children? Yes 1 daughter who is 27
Who lives in the house? Foster Mom, her mother, foster mom's brother, her daughter, and a neice who spends her days at home. That is who is holding Liv in this picture. They live in a house, and the foster mom has been doing this for 10 years. I am happy to have this information, and Liv looks content in this enviornment. I'm glad that I now know a little about where she is. I'm sure they all love her and I'm sure she get's tons of attention. What a shock it will be for her to go from living in a house with all those people to just me and Vinay. No wonder she liked all the noise by the pool.
Look at all the hair she has now. She is wearing the same shirt as last months pictures, but different pants. I can't wait to take her shopping she needs clothes!!!!!!!
I love this picture. Here she is doing a Donald Trump impression. " Your fired" Posted by Picasa


Ana's Mama said...

How CUTE! I hope you get to bring little liv home soon.

sara said...

Nik, she really is the prettiest little thing... I am feeling some trendy jeans and a cool hat from aunt Sara and uncle Dennis.

nikki said...

Aunt Sara,
You bought her enough, I will post some pictures of the bathroom that you furnished!!!!!!!!!!!

Alleen said...

That last picture is priceless!!!!

Carrie said...

The photos are so cute! Definitely an Apprentice fan already! Shopping will be fun, fun, fun!

Can't wait to shop with my daughter too.

Best of luck to you!