Monday, September 27, 2010

adoption update

I got some good news on the adoption front today. Oh how I hesitate to write about good news, because this adoption has had so many setbacks so far. But I will fight the pessimist in me and write about it anyway.
So far we have completed 2 steps since our paperwork went to Mexico
1) Everything has been translated into Spanish- This happened during August.
2) Our paperwork has been registered in the Central DIF office- All adoptions have to be registered in Mexico City, where they check the paperwork.

So now our paperwork is ready to go on to the Mexican state where we are adopting from. Here is where the good news comes in. We originally picked the state of Toluca, there would have been about 10 families ahead of us waiting to be matched with a child. This process will be be about a 6-8 month wait. Recently our agency is working with the state of Guanajuato, Spanish pronunciation: wanaˈxwato]). So we decided to send our paperwork there and wait for a match. Ahead of us on the list is only 1 family!!!!!!!!!!! We are still looking at a 6-8 month wait, but it could mean more like 6 months. So that would mean we could estimate getting matched with a child in March!!!
Here a nice website with some history and beautiful pictures of Guanajuato

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The night before pre-k

Dear Liv,
Tomorrow you start Pre-K. Tomorrow I will put you on a bus, wave good bye, and watch as you head off to school. School will shape the next 13 pluse years of your life. No longer will I be your main source of education, thank goodness. I must say I am sooo sad to see you go. For the last four years you have been my whole life. Where has the time gone, it feels like just yesterday you started to crawl. And wasn't it just last week that you started to talk. I could swear that last month was your first birthday.
I've been able to watch as you've grown into such a beautiful little girl. Every smile, every tear, and yes even every tantrum, I've had the pleasure of witnessing. But lately I've been noticing how you let go of my hand first, as we head to the park. And at a party you no longer call my name just to make sure I'm still close by. You are so curious about the world, you are ready to see it with your own eyes, not just through mine.
You are ready to show the world who you are. Your ready to meet people all on your own, and your ready to try new things without your mother looking over your shoulder.
So tomorrow you will go to Pre-K. I will put you on a bus, wave good bye, and watch as you head off to school. Just don't look back because I might be following the bus in my car.