Friday, July 27, 2007

What's for dinner?

She loves to sit like this in her highchair. One leg up, one leg dangling.

Last night Olivia ate her first meal that did not include any babyfood. She has gotten better with eating, she will try more things as long as mommy or daddy are eating them first. So last night I gave her tri color pasta w/veggies and fishsticks. I finally felt like she was feeding herself enough, that I didn't have to supplement it with a jar of babyfood. But now what do I feed this girl if not babyfood? I will usually cook dinner, except if Vinay is away, then it's just soup and sandwich. So I was just wondering what all of you with toddlers feed your children? Do you make something separate for them or do they eat what you eat? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Happy weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She's got the moves!!!

Ok so her birthday was 2 months ago. But Liv found this hat in the closet and when she put it on and we sang happy birthday she started to dance. Of course if we had wanted her to do this for her birthday she never would have done it.
Enjoy Liv's first ever solo dance party!!!

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Beach Bums

Our vacation was great. We went to the beach everyday, and were really able to just relax. Olivia loves the sand, everyday she would just be covered. What really made me so happy was the bonding between Liv and Vinay. Usually Liv is a total Momma's girl. But Liv really fell in love with her Daddy on this trip.

Liv dancing on the deck.
Emily and her parents came over one night to go to the boardwalk.
Patiently waiting to go on some rides.
Liv's first merry go round. She really enjoyed it.
Liv's first ride on the fake dumbo ride. This one scared her.
Just chilling with daddy. And sitting in MY seat!!!!
" Daddy dig me a hole to play in."
Mommy showing Liv the water, don't know why this came out sideways.
Or this one.

Washing off some of that sand.
Playing at the restaurant.
We visited the aquarium on the day it rained. Liv enjoyed watching the seals.
Bathing beauty dancing to the weather channel music.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Whats a girl to do when you run out of swim diapers, it's been so hot this week and Liv has been in the pool every day? Well you go Au natural!!!!!!!

In the pool with a diaper before it exploded. Yes they do explode, I never would have believed it.
"Mom should I really go skinny dipping? What will daddy say?"
"Hey who needs a bathing suit when you've got a great hat!!!!"
"Oh boy indecent exposure at only 14 months, I hope this doesn't go on my permanent record."

Well tomorrow the craziness continues. I am off to my sister-in-laws bachlorette party down the shore. So I will leave my Little Liv with daddy all weekend. Then Monday we are off to our vacation for the week down the shore, so I will be MIA for awhile. I will be checking in on my blog pals for any PGN outs, Pinks, and continuing to pray that all these babies come home safe where they belong.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Working hard at playing.
Olivia has really been into pretend play lately. She is no longer just into reading her books, now she likes to play with her doll house, push her toys around in the stroller, and she loves to cuddle anything soft.

Eating update:
My little Liv has gotten very daring this week with eating. Yesterday she ate some past salad,
and some sliced turkey. Then today I offered her a green bean and said "Liv do you want fries?" and she ate them, hey whats a little white lie. She has also added baby carrots to her diet last week, so I'm hoping we are going in the right direction.

Cuddling this teddy bear she found stashed in the office closet. She carried it around for days!
In the morning when she gets up the first thing she goes to play with is her doll house.
Playing with her doll and her stroller.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Last week

Sitting cold on the beach on the 4th
Mommy and baby keeping warm

Last week we were all over the place. On Tuesday we went down the shore to celebrate the 4th. Tuesday was bright and sunny so we got to enjoy the beach, but on the 4th it was cold and rainny so we headed home with out seeing any fireworks. On Thursday we dropped Olivia at Vinay's mom's. Vinay was in a wedding so we had the rehersal dinner Thursday and the wedding on Friday. If that was not enough excitment then on Saturday we had a 1st birthday party to go to.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Agreat way to spend a Saturday

On Saturday we went to a little BBQ and had so much fun. Liv really enjoyed herself playing with her 3 friends Nicholas, Tyler, and Ava.

Tyler going for a swim with his dad John.

Olivia and Ava had fun playing with this little people farm.
Ava keeps Nicholas company. Ava is defiantly one of the best dressed toddlers I know. Hey Ava, Liv loves hand me downs, hint hint!!!!!!!!!

Now for some funny pictures. Here is Liv getting ready to ask for a hug from her boyfriend Nicholas.
Nicholas goes in for a bear hug
They had to be ripped apart, but look at the smile on Livs face. She loves it.
Then liv decides to chill in the pool with Tyler.
Finally she goes for a swim with Daddy, before she took a nice long nap in Tyler's pack and play. I am so lucky Liv will sleep anywhere.