Friday, March 28, 2008

Olivia has been Tagged

Olivia was tagged by Angelena
So here it goes 10 random things by Miss Liv.

1. My middle name is Miranda, which is also my birthmother's middle name.
2. I rarely eat much at meals, but I do snack all day. Today I tried raw broccoli, I only ate a little.
3. Ice cream is my favorite, If you show my an ice cream cone I will go, "Mmmmmmm" really loud.
4. I like my sleep!!! Mommy says not to share this because people will jinx us, but I do like to sleep late. I go to sleep around 9:30 and I sleep till at least 9 every morning. This morning I got up after ten. Mommy says I am a dream child.
5. Before I go to sleep, I stick my lips between the railings of my crib to give my Mom and Dad a kiss.
6. I learned 3 different signs, sign language, in one day. and now I always use them.
7. I am usually really good at sharing, but lately I just don't want to share with people.
8. I still have a pacifier. I use it in the car, and for my nap. But I would use it all the time if my parents let me.
9. I love Carrie Underwood. I make my Mom play "Before he Cheats" over and over again in the car. Dad gets annoyed, I say hey, we could be listening to Barney
10. I love to dance, but not alone. If I dance, I make everyone else in the room dance.

So I am tagging Savannah
and Isa
And Olivia

Dancing in a ballet dress I got for my shower
Twirling, this girl loves to twirl.
Looking like such a big girl, boo hooo where did my baby go.
Taking a rest during intermission!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter pics!!

Easter was fun. Except Liv is going thru a phase, I hope, where she gets extra clingy when there are allot of people around. So I was trying to finish cooking and put everything out with Liv in one arm. Liv loved hunting for eggs with her cousins, and all the practicing we've done over the past few weeks paid off, she found a ton of eggs.

Miss Liv in her Easter best. It was chilly so she had to wear a sweater. Her bows are handmade by Holly G. Check out her site at
Chasing some bubbles.
Family portrait.
Liv and her Bapamma
Hunting for eggs like a pro!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dying Easter eggs, past and present.

Just like last year on Good Friday we dyed eggs. Here are some pictures from last year.

Let's just say she was much more into it this year. She kept wanting to put eggs in the cups, even the ones that were colored already. She also got very upset when we were done and had to put everything away.

Liv and my Mom dove right in.
Her hand is still stained with food coloring, I hope it comes off in tonight's bath
One of the finished products.

I am hosting Easter for mine and Vinay's family this year. So I most likely won't have time to check blogs this weekend. Be back on Monday. Wishing everyone a great Easter

Monday, March 17, 2008

Call it recycling

Few people know how frugal I really am at heart. I just love a bargain, but I go crazy for things that are free. I will purposely go out to garage sales late in the day because by that time they are giving things away. I have a talent for looking for great finds that other people have put out on the curb. I have refinished chairs, tables, garden furniture, you name it. I have even been know to jump in dumpsters if I know that there is something really good in there.Vinay can not understand this. He will never pull over and let me get something if he is driving.

Now with Liv I am always on the look out for things for her. You would not believe the good toys people toss because their kids no longer use it. Usually I leave her stuff at my Mom's because Vinay gets mad. "Why don't we just buy her it" he'll exclaim when I tell him of a new treasure I found. He just doesn't understand the trill I get when I pass something on the road that looks of interest. I usually circle around once or twice to try and get a good look at it. Then I'll pull over, inspect it for damage or bugs or anything gross that I don't want to touch and if it passes I shove it in the back of my car, luckily I have an SUV, but even when I had a VW cabriolet, I never let it stop me. Once I get it home I fully inspect the item, and then I get to work. Cleaning it, painting it, whatever it needs to look new.

My latest find was just great. Liv and I were driving home from my Mom's one night Vinay was away. It was a Tuesday, garbage night, so I had my eye out as always. A few blocks up from my Mom's I see a bunch of stuff outside of a house with a for sale sign, Jackpot!!!
Right there behind a snow bank I saw one of those red Fisher Price cars that the kids ride in. I have been thinking about getting one for Liv for the summer. So I turned around and pulled over. I had to climb the snow bank, fit it into the back of my car, which had her stroller and a whole bunch of other crap I never clean out. It barely fit, but I made it. Vinay was away so when Liv went to bed I took the car out and put it in the backyard. I figured I'd clean it up one day when it's nice out.
Well of course a few weeks later Vinay says to me, "Where did you get that little red car?". The smirk on my face gave him the answer. "It has no steering wheel" was his answer. "Well it was being thrown out and it's in decent shape. Why should it just take up space in the landfill. Let's just call it recycling!!!!" Was my response and I haven't heard a word about it since.

Here it is the recycled car, all cleaned up. Liv loved playing outside with it so much I finally brought it in the house one night when she was cranky.
Mommy I love my new pre-owned vehicle.
Who needs a steering wheel anyway, you can just push me around.
Oh no driving while on the cell phone, better get this girl a bluetooth.
Ok so it does need some body work yet, I need to re glue the stickers.
Mom I hope this car isn't a lemon. Let's push it to the nearest service station.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can I do more than pray?

Ever since starting Olivia's adoption I have wanted to go on a mission trip. I've always had this pull, that it was something I needed to do. Of course the adoption consumed my life and then once Olivia came home, life just sort of took over.

But every once and awhile I would get that pull again to go. But I never did it. To be honest I was scared. Scared to leave Vinay and Liv. Scared to do something on my own. Scared of how hard the work would be, that I wouldn't be able to hack it. Scared that I would get sick there. Scared of the hotel accommodations, I have actually changed rooms in hotels for many reasons, Last time it was because the room was too close to the elevator. Scared to leave my comfort zone. It's easier to just write a check, than to get personally involved. But I have to do more for these poor Guatemalan children than just pray.

This weekend I broke to news to Vinay, I am going on a mission trip this August. It is time to face my fears and do something.

I will be going with my aunt and with this ministry.

In a few months I will put out a supply list. Please be as generous as you can.

Here is the youtube video, that made me seriously consider going. It for a different ministry, but it really makes you think

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ice cream and speech

Today was Liv's first visit with the speech therapist. She was really nice and Liv warmed up to her quickly. Mostly the visit was just to meet us and for her to asses Liv for herself.

I was happy because the evaluation team, although they were nice, they were just plain wrong about some things. They said she should be able to climb stairs correctly, did they not see her tiny legs. They also said she has a short attention span, and she has trouble focusing. They came in with a bag full of puzzles and toys, and of course she could not get her mind off the toys. Hello she's a toddler!

So the therapist today said that she will use all things that are already in the house, and she will start by teaching us, both me and Liv, some sign language. I was really surprised, I thought by using signs we were encouraging her not to talk. But if we use the sign with the words, we learned "please" and "thank you" today, the words will eventually come.

I must admit as a Mom I was very protective after the evaluation. I did allot of, "Not my child", and I was feeling like maybe I was somehow failing Liv. I thought maybe I wasn't pushing her enough, and that I baby her too much. But actually starting therapy is making me feel more in control. So that even if I do baby her or if I'm overprotective,which I am, I can still help her. Let's just say I'm really happy I pushed for this, for Liv.

Enjoying her own ice cream cone, she used to share w/ Daddy, but she would eat most of it, so now she gets her own.
Doing a dance for ice cream!!!
"Did Mommy hide any vegatables in here?" I wish I could!
Showing me that she is eating ice cream.
"Ma just leave me in peace to finish this cone."

Monday, March 03, 2008

A Dog's Life

We share custody of Parker with my Mother In Law. She lives alone and Parker is good company for her. Plus once Liv came home Parker was just too nervous around the baby. He didn't like when she cried and he didn't like when she got attention. As Liv got older he got more used to her, and Liv just loves him so she can now give attention to him. Unfortunatly Parker only likes Liv if she has food in her hand. This causes problems since Parker's stomach is so sensative. Parker was over this weekend and Vinay was away so this is how my weekend went!!! Notice Parkers face in all of these.

Parker "Kid why do you tease me with your food? I'll just sit here and wait till the big lady turnes around"
Parker "No luck with the last piece of food, and now I can't shake this kid! This is not how I planned on spending my golden years."
Parker "Now she's laying on me watching TV, somebody save me please, wait do I smell food.
Parker "No food and the big lady keeps telling me to "stay" and lay by this kid, how can I get back at them.
Parker "I'll just rip apart this new bunny purse the kid brought home, that'll teach em."

Final note: Parker was up throwing up that night, so he did get back at both Liv and Me!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!!