Monday, March 03, 2008

A Dog's Life

We share custody of Parker with my Mother In Law. She lives alone and Parker is good company for her. Plus once Liv came home Parker was just too nervous around the baby. He didn't like when she cried and he didn't like when she got attention. As Liv got older he got more used to her, and Liv just loves him so she can now give attention to him. Unfortunatly Parker only likes Liv if she has food in her hand. This causes problems since Parker's stomach is so sensative. Parker was over this weekend and Vinay was away so this is how my weekend went!!! Notice Parkers face in all of these.

Parker "Kid why do you tease me with your food? I'll just sit here and wait till the big lady turnes around"
Parker "No luck with the last piece of food, and now I can't shake this kid! This is not how I planned on spending my golden years."
Parker "Now she's laying on me watching TV, somebody save me please, wait do I smell food.
Parker "No food and the big lady keeps telling me to "stay" and lay by this kid, how can I get back at them.
Parker "I'll just rip apart this new bunny purse the kid brought home, that'll teach em."

Final note: Parker was up throwing up that night, so he did get back at both Liv and Me!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!!


Kim said...

Oh my gosh - Parker is just too cute!!! We secretly want a Boxer - I LOVE them!! And his looks - priceless!!!! (sorry about the throwing up, though)

Sharon & Bill said...

These pictures are definitely priceless!! Love Parker's expression!


Carrie said...

So cute! I think our 15 year old cat would agree with Parker.