Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liv's List

I haven't done a Liv's list in a long time so here it goes.

Ever since Christmas Liv has been on a candy craze!!! All she asks for all day is candy. It is like kiddie crack. We were finally getting over it and then Valentines Day hit, can't wait to see what Easter will bring.

When someone asks Liv her name, she'll say "I'm Liv, I'll be 4 on May 5th"

Since the Olympic started, Liv has been in love with figure skating. Every night she asks if it's on. During the day she pretends to skate around the house.

Her favorite CD right now is the Chipmunks "The squeakquel". So if you hear me singing "Single Ladies, (put a ring on it)" in a chipmunk voice, don't think I'm crazy.

Liv still wants to marry Aladdin, and says Jasmin will just have to marry Jafar.

She just name one of her stuffed animals "Kitty Gaga"

Everyday we fight about her keeping socks on, she is just most comfortable barefoot.

She is a stickler for rules, she follows them and thinks everyone else should follow them too. Me, Vinay, The random kid who is yelling in Shop Right.

When she giggles it is a full on belly laugh, that makes me crack up, then she laughs even harder!!