Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun in the sun, Memorial Day.

For Memorial Day weekend our good friends Victor and Tara and kiddo's spent time with us down the shore. Liv loved having kids to play with and has been asking for Ava since we got home!!

Liv and Ava sharing toys and dinner.
Ava and Luca, such a cute picture.

Liv using her climbing skills.

Yes the weather was only in the low 70's and yes the water is only 59 degrees, but Liv did not care!!!

Liv and Ava running from the waves.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Liv's (sort of) new bike

My garbage picking pays off once again. Found this bike, cleaned it up, and Liv loves it. She is getting pretty good at riding it herself. Don't worry the helmet was bought new!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Disney in pictures

Ok so we've been home a week and I finally have my act together enough to take the time to upload my pictures. This is a long post and allot of pictures so here it goes.

Day 1 getting there
Here we go on the plane to see Mickey. Or as Liv would say "We are going to Mickey's house"

Daddy taking a pictures of Liv, or is he just getting out the hand sanitizer,Vinay was so scared we would get the Swine Flu that he handed out purell every two minutes.

No nap on the plane, but she crashed in the car, there is even drool coming out of her mouth.

First swim in the pool. Liv wold have been happy not to go to any parks and just stay in the pool all day.

Day 2 Liv's Birthday
Waiting in Line to see Mickey Mouse. When we stepped off the plane Liv was upset that Mickey was not there to greet her, so we had to find the Mouse pronto.

Yes you have to wait in line, the characters are no longer just walking around like they did back in my day.

Finally!!!! Giving Mickey a big hug!!!!!

Liv did not want to walk away, she thought she could hang out with Mickey for awhile.

But we had to see Minnie!

And Donald!

And Goofy!!!

Proof that a child can Survive on only frozen lemonade for a week. Liv choose this trip to stop both eating and sleeping!!!

My favorite Pic!

A princess waiting to go to the princess dinner for her birthday!!!!

Aurora was so nice and sweet. We also have pictures with Belle but my flash was off.

Liv asked Areil where Prince Eric was. He is her favorite, but we didn't see him.

Liv was thrilled to be dressed like Snow White, eventhough she fought me to put it on in the first place!!!

Day 3 pool day and downtown disney

Come in the pool with me!!!!!!

Daddy and Livvy bonding at Wolfgang Puck Express. Yummy spicy tuna rolls.

Awww so sweet.

Olivia, Winny the Pooh, and a lollipop, happy together.

Loving on Mickey and Donald.

Sitting with goofy.

Day 4 pool and the magic kingdom
Swimming like a fish and today she even tried the big slide!!!

Yippee we made it to the castle!!

Liv reading the map. Olivia loves maps.

Yea the tea cups. Don't spin it Daddy we get to dizzy.

Exploring Pooh's house. It was 97 this day and everyday that we were there.

Dumbo ride with Daddy

Day 5 Grammy is here
My Mom stayed with us the last 4 days

Riding the little train herself like a big girl.

Dinner at Fulton's Crab House in downtown Disney

Getting some much needed sleep.

Day 6 Bean is here and more Magic Kingdom
Our old friend Brian Saglibene Aka "The Bean" came to visit. His Mom a fequent commenter on my blog sent the best presents for Olivia's birthday. Liv loved everything, but her favorite was the dress up jewelery and shoes. Here she is showing off her new bling!!!!!
Thank you so much Les!!!! It was so sweet of you!!!

Bean and Vinay driving Alladin's magic carpet.

Us hot and sweaty on It's a small world.
Liv's exression on every ride, pure awe!!!!!!!!!

Look it's Bean on it's a Small World.
A very small wild animal.

Of course we had to buy her one of those light up things for the parade.

A visit with goofy.
Day 7 Mothers Day and animal kingdom.

Daddy, Livvy, and Lailo and Stich. The only characters Liv was afraid of.

A giraff. I don't know why these came out sideways.

An elk, all the animal were so close to the truck.

We ended the night at a great resturant in Downtown Disney Portobello's. Liv enjoyed the spray fountain.

Right after getting sprayed in the face. She still hates water in her face.

Saying a final goodby to mickey.