Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, well not really

My Grandfather is doing well, he even took a few steps yesterday in physical therapy. Mentally he is still upset that he has to stay in the hospital. Yesterday he asked me to wheel him over by the door so he could leave. He still doesn't know that from the hospital he has to go to a rehab. I don't know when we'll break that to him.

Yesterday we also found out that Parker has a mass cell tumor. He had a biopsy last week and it came back positive. He will have surgery next week to remove it. We won't know more untill the doctor removes the entire lump. This morning vinay's Mom called us crying she was so upset.

We will still try to make this a happy Halloween for Olivia. This afternoon we are going to the hospital in her costume, so she can show off. And later we'll go trick or treating around our neighborhood. I think Liv will actually like answering the door better.
Please pray that health and peace come over this family we are really in a tailspin from this week!!!

Liv in her butterfly costume
Me, Liv, and Parker trying on Liv costume a few weeks ago. Sorry still no camera!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick update

My Grandfather went into surgery at 7pm. I am happy to report that everything went well. He will have a long road to recovery including a stay in a rehab to help him walk again, but tonight we are very happy the surgery is over and he can begin to heal.
Thank you so much for all the prayers, emails, and phone calls

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Prayers Please

Last Tuesday my grandfather fell. He had a gash on his knee and just told us it didn't hurt. The man walked around on a broken hip for 4 days before he woke up yesterday unable to get out of bed. Tomorrow he goes into surgery. He is scared and hates to be in the hospital. Today he kept asking me to pull the car around so he could leave. Please please send prayers and good thoughts his way tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still no camera

I can't fix my camera, so I either have to go out and buy a new not so great one now. Or wait for Santa to bring me a really nice one for Christmas. But to go more than 2 months without a camera. My mom has a crappy digital camera that I might use if we can find the computer cord for it.

We have a busy week starting tomorrow. Liv has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, then on Friday her "little gym" is having their Halloween party. Saturday is another Halloween party at Liv's friend Emily's house. Then on Sunday we are going pumpkin picking. Who knew I had to have a kid to have a busy social life?

Here is a picture of Liv my aunt took. We had a little photo shoot one day during Livapalooza. This one is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Leftover pics and a super fun weekend

Livapalooza was fun. On Wednesday, the day Liv came home I made the Guatemalan cheesecake. I won't even post the recipe because it came out horrible, maybe because we didn't eat it right away. I don't know but I wouldn't even let Vinay eat it. Next year I'll make something different and hope it turns out better.

It looked good, I made fresh whipped cream for the top and sprinkled cinnamon on it, the the actual cake was like a brick.
Liv only ate the whipped cream and even that she was not so crazy about.

Now on to our fun weekend. A bunch of our friends planned a weekend away, so that we could all catch up and hang out like we used to before life got too busy. We stayed at a great hotel. On Saturday all the girls went to the spa, ahhh heaven, and the guys watched football. That night we all went out to dinner and then out dancing afterwards. It was so much fun although we were all hurting the next morning.
Some of us girls at dinner. We had hibachi and way too much wine.
Waiting to get in to the club. We were trying to keep up with the 22 year olds in line in front of us. Too bad Janet is 5 months pregnant, Jenene's sciatica was acting up, and my bad hip was hurting. Guess we were feeling our age. After this picture was taken my camera died. I still can't get it to work, anyone know a good camera store that might be able to fix it?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wild Livapalooza Weekend

Blogger finally let me upload pictures, but I had so many that I only posted pictures from the weekend. We had a great time and I'm glad we celebrated all the events. I'm already excited for next year because Liv will be able to appreciate the events.

My baby girl at the beach on Friday. Let's just say the kite flying did not go as planned. I could not fly the kite and chase after her at the same time so I gave up.
A weak attempt at a self portrait.
I love this look, she always looks at me like "Mom what in the world are you doing now?"
Liv's little footprints in the sand.
Happily eating her fries at dinner. She also ate some mozzarella sticks, and spaghetti, which is really allot for her.
Saturday, Tyler and his parents came over in the morning. It was sunny so we took the kids to the beach. Here is Tyler enjoying his bottle.
John, Tyler's Dad, dug Liv a big hole. She loved to play in it.
Liv and Tyler playing on the beach
Saturday night we went to the boardwalk, all the rides were closed. But we put them on this little car in the arcade. Liv "Tyler are you sure you know how to drive, you know you are 9 months younger than me"
"Ahhhhh I'm out of here, this boy has a lead foot. I'll drive with you when were 17, if my Dad lets me."

"Daddy show me your skee ball skills"
Dinner Saturday night
All ready for the party on Sunday.
"Charlotte how dare you have a birthday on My weekend!!!!!!!"
Liv bouncing in the air walker

Grandma Col took Liv on a pony ride.
Then we went on a hay ride.
Liv waiting for the great pumpkin.
Finally a happy birthday to Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More pictures to come from the rest of the week!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We interrupt to bring you this Tag

I HAVE BEEN TAGGED BY Ginger (Maya's Mom)
English Teacher
Childcare director
Gap salesperson
Ice Cream Scooper
Only good old New Jersey
No place I'd rather be than home.
Wizard of Oz
It's a wonderful life
13 going on 30
All reality shows
Grey's anatomy
The office
Anything by Hemingway
Jane Eyre
Tuesday's with Morrie
Historical fiction, I just finished The Other Boylen Girl, sooooo good
Kim (Alex's Mom)

Livapalooza is still going strong, I will try to post pictures from the daily events tomorrow, there are allot of them!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


One year ago today my baby girl was placed in my arms forever. Never again would I have to ask someone if I could see my baby, never again would we be separated for unknown lengths of time.
As we are celebrating this wonderful event, I am also keeping in my thoughts all those we are still waiting for this day to happen. Especially Shannon and Bekah, you guys are due your OUT and we are praying it is soon.
Olivia would like to dedicate this post to a sweet baby who shares her name, Miss Olivia Grace.
Her family is patiently waiting for her to come home. Check out her blog:

Now for the festivities.
we are going down the shore. Liv and I will be going to fly her Guatemalan kite on the beach. Daddy will be joining us later for a nice family dinner.

Liv's friend Tyler will be joining us down the shore. I will make some homemade guacamole and attempt to make fried plantains. We are also going to take the kids on some rides on the boardwalk. Mommy Daddy and Tyler's parents will continue the celebration after the kids go to sleep with margaritas in the deck.

Liv's cousin Charlotte's birthday party. Partying with all my family at a pumpkin patch.

Liv has her "Little gym" class. Fun for her, I'm not so crazy about it, but that's another post.

I'd like to take Liv to church, we haven't been going as often as we should.

Guatemalan dinner including Guatemalan cheesecake. I'll post recipes that day.

Now on to the pictures

Minutes after Liv was placed in our arms forever. Look how comfortable she was to finally be in her Daddy's arms.
Embassy day, wow this year really did go fast.
One of my favorite pictures. This was taken after the pool. Us just hanging out bonding as a family.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A crappy weekend, nice weather, and preparing for LIVapalooza

Well the weather was so nice this weekend. But Liv's cold got vicious, and so did she. The poor girl must have cried more this weekend, than she has in the past 3 months. Luckily by Monday she was feeling better. However I was bummed that we had to miss Guatoberfest, and I was sure we were missing all sorts of fun.
So this week I am gearing up for Livapalooza. What is that you say? Well I couldn't decide weather to celebrate just our "Gotcha day" or the day that we had our embassy appt, or the day Liv came home. So we decided to celebrate them all and that's when the idea for Livapalooza came about. So the celebration will start on Friday Oct 12, the day Liv was placed in our arms forever and will continue till Oct 17 the day Olivia entered the USA and finally met all her friends and family. I don't have all the details ironed out yet, but I do have a few ideas that will include a Guatemalan cheese cake, kite flying, It's kite flying season in Guat and we got one while we were there, and Liv finally wearing her outfits we bought her last year. Yes my baby girl is almost home 1 year and we are celebrating it to no end.

Here are a few random pictures to enjoy.

Swimming, yes swimming on Columbus Day. Just insert me on that lounge chair and that is how we spent our summer.
Liv will be a butterfly for Halloween, here is a preview.
That is the hat for the costume. Ignore how bad I look, but take note of the kicking tan I still have. I heart Indian summer.

Friday, October 05, 2007

First cold of the season

My Liv is battling her first cold of cold season. We have a busy weekend ahead so I'm hoping she feels better soon.

Daddy came home and Liv just wanted to cuddle.
Daddy and his two babies. Looks like you have your hands full!!!
Liv trying on daddy's shoes and flashing her cute smile.
All smiles before bed.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Keep it going!!!!

After last weeks statement by the US DOS, many in the adoption community rallied for the US to not turn it's back on families already in process. Were you like me, saying "Oh yea I'll send an email, and make a few phone calls, I'll get to it right away, after I finish up breakfast. Or after I finish the laundry."

Yes I admit it, I was a slacker, but I made those phone calls today. I sent the emails, and yes I signed the petitions. Who is with me in the procrastination group. Well us slowpokes can make a difference too.

We can keep the pressure on!!! Call today or tomorrow, and let your US senator know that 5000 Children, future US citizens, might not be able to come home to their forever families. Drop your representative to the House of Representatives a line. Inform him or her of the plan President Berger has to put an end to adoptions when he knows his country, even with Unicef's money, does not have the means to house, cloth, and feed these precious children. Children who have families and homes and rooms waiting for them.

Don't let the US DOS just issue a statement, saying "The U.S. government is asking the Government of Guatemala to allow such cases, now pending, to proceed to completion without additional requirements." The US needs to demand that Guatemala allow these cases to complete the adoption.

So here is what you can do to help.

1. Call your U.S. Senator.· You can find your Senators’ phone numbers at· Ask to speak with the Legislative Director or Chief of Staff

2. Email Gerry Fuller at and let him know how you feel about this.

3. Call your representative to the U.S. House of Representative.· You can find your representative at· Ask to speak with the Legislative Director or Chief of Staff

4. Call or fax UNICEF Headquarters· Ask to speak with Ann Veneman, Executive Director· Their number is 212-326-7000· Their fax number is 212-326-7758

5. Call or fax UNICEF Guatemala· Ask to speak with Manuel Manrique· Their number is 011-502-2327-6373· Their fax number is 011-502-2327.6366 Please note that calls and faxes to Guatemala are international calls.

7. Send and email supporting Intercountry Adoption to· Write briefly or at length· Joint Council will use the cumulative email petition in our advocacy for Intercountry Adoption.

At the very least please sign these two petitions

Here are the links:

Let's all promise to call or send an email at least once a week until this is resolved.