Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A very un-update on the adoption.

Today January 5th marks 2 months since our paperwork arrived in Guanajuato Mexico. It has been in Mexico since August. I didn't expect to hear anything of an update but I decided yesterday to call my agency. They did not hear anything about our case while they were in Mexico. They did tell us that they felt extremely safe while in the country. That's a relief. They did talk to the officials in Mexico City concerning adoptions between Mexico and the US. Mexico does want to work with the US, and so far my agency is the only one licenced to work in Mexico. Our agency has about 12 other families trying to adopt from the state of Toluca. We are the first family on the list for Guanajuato. That's the good news.

What is discouraging is that my agency has not matched any families yet. Some dossiers have been in country for over a year. It is so frustrating to think that a year from now we could still be no closer to being matched with a child. It breaks my heart that another Christmas has gone by and there is a child out there, maybe our child that does not know the love of a family. I feel like we are at a crossroads, do we sit and wait hoping that Mexico will move along, or do we explore other options to expand our family. That's the bad news!!!!!!!