Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer lovin happend so fast!!!!!!!!!

This summer we took a 2 week vacation down at the beach house!!!! Liv had a blast!!!!! We did so much but I only took a few pictures!!!!! Here they are in random order!!!

Painting shells with the neighborhood kids!!

Mommy and Liv. Liv got sooooo tan, I just got more freckles and wrinkles!!!

Daddy took us out on this boat for a ride we will never forget!!

Photo shoot before going out to dinner!!!

Ahhhh such fun staying in this little house!!!

Enjoying the rides at Point Pleasant!

My favorite picture!

We went to a work party, Liv had so much fun with the kids.

2 tipsy Dads and there cute girls.

Liv enjoying the party

A perfect beach day!!!

Liv loved the ocean this year.

We spent a week with these crazy people, their 3 year old, and 18 month old twins!!! We all had the best time!!

Total beach bums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!