Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where are we, and where are we going.

It's been a long time since I posted on our current adoption situation. The truth is there was nothing to post. We had put ourselves in a holding pattern, not knowing which agency to go with or what country to even adopt from. Basically I felt like I was waiting for some sort of sign as to which way to go, what to do. A few things I found out.

Honduras: people were saying that an adoption from there would take about 4-6 years, yes years. So why were agencies telling me 10-12 months. I did my research 4-6 years sounds about right.
Nicaragua: Found that you could go down and identify a child. I liked this idea, Vinay did not. He just could not imagine going into an orphanage and say" Ok this child can come home, as for the rest of you sorry!" Not that it would be like that, but I could see his point. Plus financially we could not make 3 trips to Nicaragua, one of them being this summer.

So where did that leave us? Well it left me confused.

One thing I did keep going back to, was the first agency I called when we first decided to do a second adoption. A small agency out of South Carolina that was starting up a pilot program in Mexico. I had spoken with the director, she was so knowledgeable, and had really done her work in the country of Mexico. The children available mostly would be 4 or older however there are a limited # of children between 2-4 years old. I kept going back to their website, getting their monthly newsletter. So one day I said to Vinay, "There is just something about this agency and something about Mexico" Vinay said he had been feeling the same about Mexico but he was worried about the violence, as we all see on the news. I said yea me too.
A few hours later I went out to get the mail, and there it was, a handwritten note from the agency. "If you are still considering adoption, please feel free to call and discuss our programs and how we can help you" Not the exact words, but you get the picture. I showed it to Vinay and he said "there it is our sign."
So we are going ahead with this agency and the country of Mexico. Although yes it is dangerous, and now with the swine flu epidemic. But I really believe we are on the right path to finding our child.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A good old fashion sleepover!!!

Last week we had a sleepover with Chris and Emily. The girls had so much fun eating pizza, playing with stuffed animals, and jumping on the beds. I can say not much sleeping was done. Both girls were up till about midnight. It was so fun to catch up with Chris my old collage roommate and I'm sure the girls will have plenty of sleepovers in the future..

Liv and Emily cuddling their animal babies.
Getting ready to jump and dance.

What every sleepover should have girls jumping on the bed!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter at home

We had everyone at our house again this Easter. Here are some random pics from Sunday.

Liv and My Mom. My mother hates to get her picture taken so this is a rare pic. It's one of my favorites.
Me, Liv, and Vinay.

Liv playing with her cousins. Every kid loves the Melissa and Doug Birthday puzzle.

Liv and Daddy taking a little rest. Both of them were still recovering from being sick, so the day wiped them out. Does anyone know how I can clear up this picture? I hate how grainy it is.

Cute smile, cute pigtails, cute kid!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Despite a major bronchitis outbreak in the house last week, we still managed to prepare a little for Easter
Dying eggs at my Mom's.

Practicing for the egg hunt!!! Liv likes to hide the eggs, and then hunt for them acting surprised when she finds the eggs that she hid!!

Watering the Easter flowers.

Helping Mommy plant! You can tell she was getting over being sick in this picture!!
Happy Easter to everyone!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Blog party, join in!!!

Welcome to the 1st EVER Tuesday Blog Party!We are holding this blog party in honor of Tuesday Whitt, a sweet little girl who bravely fought and sadly lost her 8 month battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma in January of this year.

We are doing this fundraiser to hopefully raise awareness about this awful disease and to raise money for the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation, where all proceeds go towards pediatric cancer research.
So, what is this all about?
How can you get involved?
All you have to do is have something you want to auction off... period!
It can be something you made, something you bought, or simply something you would like to give away.
For now, place this button on your blog, alerting your readers to our upcoming event.

Get In On The Fun & Grab a Button!

Then, on May 5th, you come here and sign up, letting everyone know you are joining in.
And all anyone will have to do to enter your auction....
Donate $1 HERE, to the Tuesday Fiona Whitt Foundation.
We have a button you will be able to add to your blog for the duration of the Blog Party that will take your readers directly to the paypal account for donations, so you won't have to be responsible for anything other than keeping track of who comments on your post to win your item and however you want to choose your winner.
You may also notice that we chose a week in May to host our party? That is because this will be the first year that Jess will be celebrating Mother's Day without her little girl and we felt it would be a huge gift to her for everyone to rally around and show their love and support. And, what a great way to honor such a beautiful little girl!Please join in and help us help the Whitts find a cure for pediatric cancer!

SPREAD THE WORD!The Tuesday Blog Party is Coming...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just like all those years ago.

When Olivia first came home in 2006, my main concern was would she bond to me. I was so worried about bonding, I read every book and article I could find on bonding and the adopted child. I remember those first few weeks home she would cry but not for me. She was just crying to be fed or held but not for me. Then we both came down with the cold of the century!!! Coughing, sneezing, fever. Her and I sick together. I cared for her day and night. When we both finally felt better I went to leave the house to run to the store, Liv began to cry. I went over to her. She stopped crying. I went to leave again and the crying started up again. She was crying for me, crying for her Momma. I was finally her Mom.
Being sick together again this week reminded me of that cold we shared 3 years ago. And yup we are still bonding.

Liv and I sick Decemeber 2006.