Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2 boys and a little lady

Today we had a great playdate with 2 of my best friends. Janet and her son Nicholas (20months) and Jenene and her son Tyler (4weeks). We had lunch, the kids played, we talked, and even had a little wine ( hey it was happy hour somewhere in the world). Liv really enjoyed herself she was exhausted the rest of the day. Here's some pictures....

"Hey Mom I think he's up?"
"Oh Nicholas so nice to see you too"
"What's a soft spot? Here Nicholas rub his head for good luck."
"Nicholas next time, leave that Olivia at home, I think she's trying turn us against eachother. I hear we both have some sort of arranged marriage to her.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Who needs a purse, when you can carry your things..... this! Lately this is how Olivia has been carrying around her toys.

"Look Ma no hands"
Vinay thinks she may be picking this up from Parker, I think she is just resourceful.
By carrying things in her mouth, she can then use her hands to crawl at lightning speed.
Or maybe it's all those teeth, she has 6 in and today I found another one coming in. Poor baby!

PS Don't mind all the Pajamas shots, both mom and baby have been going from one pair of PJ's to the next for the last week, and I didn't even realize it till I posted this. Maybe it's the winter or the cold or maybe I'm just getting lazy, but tomorrow we are getting out, and I made a promise to myself to get dressed at least 3 days a week even if we are just staying in. Spring can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Must be all that paper!!!!!

At the Dr this week I found out that Olivia gained 4 ounces since our last visit 3 weeks ago. That makes her a whopping 16'8 ounces. She is also now 27 inches long, so she had a growth spurt. I feel a little better about her size now, and I have to try not to compare her size and weight to other babies. We all come in shapes and sizes and that is what makes up special.

Well my little goat is at it again. Since she no longer has access to any paper she has resorted to chewing her boardbooks. She now will use her bottom teeth to scrape off bits of the book.

Caught in the act, " But Mommy it tastes so good!"

Assessing the damage. I took this book away, and she started right on another one. So I had to put all these little books away. "Mommy if your going to hide the books than I'm going to find the stairs."
Yes today she finally discovered the stairs. All these months of crawling and she never went by them, but today I was on stair patrol. Daddy time to put up the gate!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Vinay!!!!!!

Today Feb 21 is Vinay's Birthday.
I have been working on this as one of Vinay's birthday presents.
My first montage for my husband.
Happy birthday Vinay!!!!!!

Cabin Fever

We had snow earlier in the week, and ever since it has been really cold so we've been stuck inside. Luckly we have a little party to go to tonight and another tomorrow.

Parker wonders if he'll ever go on a walk again. Notice Liv under his chin there.
" I sure am sick of these same old toys, don't you agree Parker?"
" Hey, is that a binky just like mine? Want to trade?"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow what a weekend, part 2

I am really behind on this post but Vinay has been away again, and my Mom was here, so we've been doing some good old fashioned girl bonding. Hanging out with Liv, watching the snow, drinking hot coco, and have some good laughs.

So on Sunday we had Olivia's Christening, finally. We had her sort of christened in Guatemala so I was such a procrastinator, I kept saying after the holiday we'll have it, and here it is already Feb. So I threw it together in 2 weeks, then we decided to also do the Indian cradling ceremony the same day.

Here is Liv and her Godparents, my cousin Kate and Vinay's friend Victor. Olivia looks like such a little doll in her dress. The same dress I wore for my Christening 32 years ago. My Mom kept the dress in a cedar chest and it was in perfect condition. pure white and it fit Liv like a glove, she was meant to wear that dress.

Olivia and her 2 Grandmothers in the church. The ceremony was very nice and Liv was an angel the entire time. She didn't say a peep. Although her Binky can take credit for that.

Olivia right after she was Christened with the holy water. I love how the sun is shining on her in this picture. It's like a kiss from God.

Us right after she was christened. Once again the sun in this shot gives me goose bumps.

Olivia during the cradling ceremony. I had to take part in the ceremony so there are not too many pictures. Cradling is an Indian tradtion to bless a baby. Here is how it went.

Vinay Mom and My Mom, honor me the mother with gifts, fruit, sweets, and flowers for bringing this baby into the family.

Then the 2 grandmothers pass a small rock, decorated and wrapped like a baby, over the cradle 6 times. The rock is a symbol of the babies guardian angel. the rock is then placed at the head of the cradle.

Then the 2 grandmothers pass the baby over the cradle 6 times. each time praying for the child to be safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous.

The baby is then placed in the cradle, and she is now considered blessed and safe to sleep in that cradle.

It was very wonderful for us to do both our religions for Olivia. Vinay and I have always embraced each others faith and we plan to raise Olivia with both religions.

Monday, February 12, 2007

WOW what a weekend, part 1

On Saturday we went to Gia's 1st birthday party. I finally got to meet Gia's awsome family that I have been reading about all these months. We also got to meet Maya and her family. Maya is such a little doll and her brother Brian is so funny. We had a great time. Here are some of the pictures.

"Olivia darling, how nice of you to come to my poodle party" "Oh Gia you look divine"
These Guatemalan beauties should be on the cover of a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Maya, dear that hairbow looks gorgeous, so nice to finally meet you" "Olivia is that dress new how lovely"
"You mean i get to have this whole cake to myself!!!!
"Aunt Vin it really is past my bedtime, I must be going, Daddy pull the car around"

I was inspired by this night to post like this because Olivia lost one shoe, just like Cinderella, and then walking to the car we found it in the street. Unfortuatly it was run over by a car. So this princess is on the market for some new shoes!!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Liv batting her eyes at her new friend Tyler.He is so cute and she is such a flirt.

Liv is so happy to meet Tyler, Tyler is playing a little hard to get. He is such a sweety.

Whenever someone who looks at the blog meets Olivia in person they are always surprised that she is so tiny. She really does come off bigger in pictures.
On Monday I had to take liv to the dr for a rash she had on her stomach, turned out to be a fungus, and now she has a cream for it. They weighted her and she was 16'3 I was shocked. On Dec 21 she went to the dr and she weighed 16pounds. Only 3 ounces in 2 months. So they charted it out for me, and at 5 months she was in the 25% for her weight, now she is in the 5%. The dr said nothing to worry about, but of course I'm worried. I don't want her to be underweight. I know she will always be tiny but I just hope I'm feeding her enough. She gets 3 meals a day and now I've increased her bottle amount, I was weaning her off them but she needs the calories. Should I be worried?

Here is my little thumbelina, you can see how tiny she really is in this picture.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What a week!!!!!!!!!!

This week has been crazy so far.
On Monday our very good friends John and Jenene gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Tyler John was born at 11:29 and his weight was 8'3 ounces and he is 21 inches. Yesterday Liv and I went up to see him in the hospital. They even let Liv up into the room, and of course I forgot my camera. So I'm waiting for someone to send me pictures and then he will have his very own post. His mommy and I were both trying to have babies at the same time, so we were a source of strength for eachother during that difficult time. And now to think that after all this time we both have our children, well it just brings me to tears. I hope to have pictures by the end of the week.
This week we also got another package from our secret blogger pal. She really went overboard this time. She even dowloaded pictures and made a college, so nice.

Liv says "thank you secret blogger, I love my bottel holder""
"Mommy are you sure it isn't Christmas with all these gifts for us, I think these fuzzy socks are for your cold feet that you are always complaining about. How did she know?"

Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Sunday and thanks Uncle Bean

For Super Bowl we went to our friend house who always host the party. This year was a little different because there were kids running everywhere. Olivia of course loved this, however she was only running after the boys. I think I have a flirt on my hands!

Here is Olivia playing with some of the kids. She is face to face with her friend Ella, Ava is running in to join and Jay is keeping his distance, since Olivia was after him all night.
Olivia dancing to the half time show, we love Prince.
Ella Making Olivia laugh by tickeling her.

Fianlly Olivia would like to say thanks to her Uncle Saglebene. He coached her mommy on working with her pictures on the computer. Thanks Uncle Bean we Love you.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Winter Blahs

Today was gray and cold here, and Vinay is away for work so we were both very blue. To cheer ourselves up we went shopping this morning,(great sales at the Gap), had a dance party in the afternoon and tonight had a little fashion show. We miss you Daddy, and can't wait to see you tomorrow

Olivia wants to know if spring is here yet. No but it felt like spring when we jacked up the heat and tried some of our spring clothes on. This dress is from our secret blogger pal, by spring she should fit into it perfectly. Thanks so much SBP!!!!!

Here is a video of our dance party. I try not to watch TV all day so I usually have the radio on. When a great song like this one comes on I always grab Liv and we dance. I know corny right, but we have so much fun. Vinay and I walked out to our wedding reception to this song.

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