Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Sunday and thanks Uncle Bean

For Super Bowl we went to our friend house who always host the party. This year was a little different because there were kids running everywhere. Olivia of course loved this, however she was only running after the boys. I think I have a flirt on my hands!

Here is Olivia playing with some of the kids. She is face to face with her friend Ella, Ava is running in to join and Jay is keeping his distance, since Olivia was after him all night.
Olivia dancing to the half time show, we love Prince.
Ella Making Olivia laugh by tickeling her.

Fianlly Olivia would like to say thanks to her Uncle Saglebene. He coached her mommy on working with her pictures on the computer. Thanks Uncle Bean we Love you.


langnima1 said...

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Anonymous said...

He is a prize isnt he!!! Enjoyed the pics-wow all the little kids-Bri must have gone into kid shock!! love Mrs.bene

The McKenzie Crew said...

Bout time - I was ready for new Olivia Pics!!

I think you should do a weekly dance video!!

You could work out for all of us that are too old and too tired!hahahahahaha:):):)


Crystal said...

I love this!!!--and I love her little bow in her hair!!!! so so sweet!!--I am with Julia--I LOVED your dancing video!!!!! :o) Nikki--you can move!!!! --can you teach me?!!!! I love to dance but I have no rhythm!!!

Angel said...

Hey there! I am glad you had a good trip. It made me giggle to hear your little girl got a little spoiled at grandmas. My friends and I call that grandma detox!! :0) Not that I am complaining. We LOOOOVE grandmas.Angel

ginger said...

Great pictures. I love the dance ones.