Thursday, February 01, 2007

Winter Blahs

Today was gray and cold here, and Vinay is away for work so we were both very blue. To cheer ourselves up we went shopping this morning,(great sales at the Gap), had a dance party in the afternoon and tonight had a little fashion show. We miss you Daddy, and can't wait to see you tomorrow

Olivia wants to know if spring is here yet. No but it felt like spring when we jacked up the heat and tried some of our spring clothes on. This dress is from our secret blogger pal, by spring she should fit into it perfectly. Thanks so much SBP!!!!!

Here is a video of our dance party. I try not to watch TV all day so I usually have the radio on. When a great song like this one comes on I always grab Liv and we dance. I know corny right, but we have so much fun. Vinay and I walked out to our wedding reception to this song.

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The McKenzie Crew said...

You Go Girls!!!!! That was sooo awesome! Nothing like a good dance to make you feel super!!!!!!We do a lot of dancing - NONE OF WHICH IS GOOD - but we have lots of fun! our kids show us the latest moves and we show them how we did it "Back in the day:! I love this post It makes me SMILE:):)

You are so awesome and what a great Momma you are!!!


Holly G. said...

HAHAHA...i love it!!! Is that how you stay sooo skinny??? Olivia loves it tooo, how cute!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't know....looks like shaking baby syndrome to kidding. great to see you guys laughing like that. i bet she napped good after that or did you fall asleep first?

Anonymous said...

ohe yea...that was me.....chris.

Crystal said...

okay this video is just the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! oooh you have to show htis to her when she is older she will cherish it forever!!! I love the dancing!!!! so so so cute!!! What a fun mom you are!!!!

ginger said...

I love the dance party!!! That dress is too sweet.