Friday, February 16, 2007

Cabin Fever

We had snow earlier in the week, and ever since it has been really cold so we've been stuck inside. Luckly we have a little party to go to tonight and another tomorrow.

Parker wonders if he'll ever go on a walk again. Notice Liv under his chin there.
" I sure am sick of these same old toys, don't you agree Parker?"
" Hey, is that a binky just like mine? Want to trade?"


A Special Family said...

Oh parker and liv look like the perfect team!!!!

ginger said...

I love the last picture. Priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

hye nik...
those pics are so great! looks like parker and liv get along really well-- sweet! looks like you guys had a great day last weekend- we were so sorry to miss it:(

The McKenzie Crew said...

too cute!


Alleen said...

They look like quite the team!

Crystal said...

You are so funny!!! We have a little cabin fever too!!! I have never been inside his many days in a row!! :o)--I just didn't want to take them out in the cold--I feel so bad for Emma when she is used to 80 degree weather and Caleb hates the cold so we have been in warm by the fire!!!!

These pics are so cute fo Liv and your dog!!!--I have never seen your puppy before-- he or she is beautiful!!!!