Monday, January 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home, and a late thank you

Yesterday I was here!
And today I'm here, and I couldn't be happier!!!

Olivia on the other hand was not too happy with the snow. In fact she hated it. Or maybe she hated the fact that I put her down for one second. Oh yes, Miss Liv got very spoiled by her grandma's.

She also learned something new while I was away.
She was looking at a hardcover book very nicely this morning, she then took the bookcover off, which was still OK. Then she started getting crazy and ripping and tearing the cover, so I said "Olivia do nice to the cover", Her response, She looked right at me and shook her head no, and continued. I was floored!!!! I saw her shake her head like that last night when she was playing, but for her to use it in the right context. Guess she learned the word no while I was away. I can't wait to see what else she learned while we were away.

Finally a big shout out and thank you to my secret blogger pal. The day before I left I got a wonderful package. It had the cutest spring dress, and summer outfit for Olivia. What a nice reminder that spring is not that far away!!!!!!I promise to post Liv modeling the outfits by the end of the week, for a little fashion show. Thank you so much SBP!!!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm back!!!!!

Just a quick update.
The trip was great. it was good to get away. I was bad at taking photos so if you want to see the resort, .
I only cried once, as the plane took off, so I managed to have some fun. I missed Olivia like crazy, and I couldn't wait to see her.
So when I walked in the house, I expected a big smile, and maybe a little scream of delight, but she was just stitting on my Mom's lap, playing with her sippy cup.
All night I felt like she was mad at me. She wasn't playing by me, or looking for me when I walked in another room. Am I just being crazy?
I hope to post more tomorrow, and I hope my Liv will bond to me again.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm off

Well we leave tomorrow. Thanks to all my fellow Mommas for the words of support.
bye bye for now.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Warning psycho Mom at work

Well it official the tears have started and I don't know how I'm going to leave my Liv and go on this trip. Up until last night I have tried to put it out of my mind, or to focus on the good points, more time for Liv with her Grandma's, Me having a tan in January, and did I mention the trip includes a spa treatment for both Vinay and I. But all that gets over shadowed by how much I'm going to miss my girl. Yesterday I was voicing my concerns to my Mom and she said "Actually I'm surprised your going, with her being here only 3 months." So I gave my Mom these reasons for going
1) I owe it to Vinay. On last years trip I came down with the shingles on day 2 of the trip, we had to come home. The year before that I didn't go, because I couldn't get off work, so Vinay had to go alone when all his colleagues had their spouses. So I want him to have fun, he works hard all year, and he is really looking forward to it.
2) I owe it to my Marriage. Everyone knows that having children changes your relationship, and I want to make time for just Vinay and I.
3) I owe it to myself. See reason # 1, Oh and did I mention the free spa treatment.

So my Mom understood and said have a good time Liv will be fine. So all day I wrote out Liv's schedule, her menu, I posted little reminders for her Grandma's (My mom will be here Wed-Fri, Vinay's from Fri-Sun). So I will make myself go on this trip. I will fight back the tears, and trust that my baby will be well taken care of, even if it's not exactly how I do it. Wish me Luck, I'm gonna need it to get on that plane.

Mommy, I'll help you pack! Hey I might fit in here, can I come?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Winter hits NJ

It's finally more like winter around here. When it's cold I don't like to take Liv out too much, but we braved the elements and headed over to Grandma Col's. Liv took a nap and I went out grocery shopping. When we got home it started to snow, so we ran outside to take pictures of Liv's first snowfall.

How cute is this hat, Thank you Uncle Dennis and Aunt Sara for buying it for me.I love you guys
"Mommy so this is what snow looks?" It only snowed for about 10 min, but still you can see the snowflakes in this picture

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2 Guatemalan princesses and a playdate

Today Holly and Gia came over for a playdate. Holly brought some of the yummy pizza from Zo's restaurant. Vinay made me promise to save him a piece, but it might not last. I can't stop eating it. Gia is so much fun, and yes everyone, she is just as cute in person. Olivia was so excited the whole time, she kept doing her happy scream the whole time. I can't believe Liv's been home 3 months and this is the first time we got together. We really should try to do this at least once a month. Not only for the girls, but for us moms, it's nice to have someone to share adoption war stories with.

Liv and Gia finally sat down to watch "Wonder Pets"
"We'll help you save that baby cow wonder pets"

I'm sure Holly's site will have more pictures, I was too tired to figure out how to updload more than 2 pictures on Blogger. Vinay has been away on business, so it's Mommy time 24 hours a day and I'm spent. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Daddy

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The weekend

On Friday we met Vaish and my mother in law at the bridal store. The place would only let Vaish try on 3 dresses. Can you believe that, Don't they want to sell dresses. She did let us see a few more but the lady was so rude, we just wanted to get out of there and go to lunch. Vaish really liked 1 but I can't post the picture in case she chooses that one. She is going to try on a few more next weekend at another, hopefully more helpfull place. I didn't try anything on and Liv is so tiny, only 16 pounds that they really had nothing in her size. She did try on this crown that looked so cute on her.

I think I'll take this one! Now I look like the princess my Mom says I am.
Here is Liv with Vinay's Grandma (Mamuma in Indian). She was in India when Liv first came home, but she is making up for lost time every time we visit.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

What is she doing now?

Olivia is doing something new everyday. In the last 2 weeks she started to give high fives, hand things to you, and give kisses. Of course this is all on her terms. If you ask her to do it she won't. Today she figured out how to get up the step from the family room to the kitchen. She use to just hang out there. No more.

"Mommy I want to get up here"

"Oh look I got up here all by myself" Posted by Picasa
Tomorrow we are going with Vinay's sister Vaish to look at wedding gowns. She is getting married in September. Liv will be the flower girl, and I'm the matron of honor. I know we can't order Liv's dress yet but it will be fun just to try them on her. Hopefully I'll remember my camera.

On a sad note, there are some major delays in the guatemala adoption world, and some of my blog friends are suffering through the consequences. I ask that if you are reading this to just say a little prayer, that these familys will have their babies home soon. Thanks

Monday, January 08, 2007

Life with Liv

Little miss Olivia has become quite the character lately. She doesn't want to hold her own bottle, or feed herself veggie puffs, but paper goes right in the mouth. It's getting so bad lately I think she might be part goat.Here is the after picture of what she decided to do to this page.
And here she is going back for more. Over Christmas she would try to get her mouth on every piece of tissue paper she could. The day after christmas I expected to find red and green in her diaper. So I've hidden all the books, canceled our newspaper subscription, and I'm hoping this phase passes soon.

Friday, January 05, 2007

8 months old and rearing to go

Olivia thought in celebration of her being 8 months old today that she might like to stand up. I must say that since we were both sick together over the holidays, Liv has really bonded with us. She now will come to me and put her head down to snuggle, which she never did before. She also has to always be right by my side. If I'm in the kitchen, she has to be right there with me. No longer will she let me be in one room and her in another, even if she can see me. Part of me is so happy that she is letting us in, but another part of me is feeling guilty. On Jan 24 Vinay has a yearly incentive trip for work to Mexico. All expense paid for us, that we have had fun on the last 5 years. I use to just worry that I'll miss her, now I worry that she'll feel like I'm abandoning her. I know it's only 5 days but what if I come back and this new bond is broken. Does anyone know if at 8 months she can realize that I'm gone for that long. I don't know how I'm going to leave her.
On a happier note, my fabulous blogger friend Julia sent us a wonderful package today. Liv loved opening it. In it was an adorable dress, some shoes, and slippers for Liv and a little prayer book for me. Thank you so much Julia. Adoption has brought so many wonderful people into my life and I thank God for that everyday.
In honor of Miss Liv's b-day Vinay is taking his girls out to eat tonight. Something we haven't done in a long time. Thanks Daddy!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A new year and I've past my 100th post

On new years eve we had a small get together with some of our friends and their kids. It was so nice to be surrounded by people we love, and to see Liv interacting with children we've seen grow up, to now 2 and 3 years olds. At one point during the nite all the kids were dancing and crawling around infront of the christmas tree, I had Olivia in my arms and I was making her dance too. I was so happy at that moment I thought I might burst into tears. I can't belive how lucky I am to have her. I have always been a very content person, happy with what I had. But Having Olivia has really shown me my hearts capacity to love. It has deepend my relationship with Vinay, and made me finally trust that God knows best, and to really count on my faith in good and bad.

This is the look Liv is always giving now. A little glance over her shoulder to see what's going on. She is becoming such a little DIVA. I'm still not sure if that good or bad.

So I've finally passed my 100th post. And for me, who never continues things I start, I can't believe it. So that is also my New years resolution. To keep up with things I start, like exercise, Liv's scrap book, and to try to keep this blog going