Monday, January 08, 2007

Life with Liv

Little miss Olivia has become quite the character lately. She doesn't want to hold her own bottle, or feed herself veggie puffs, but paper goes right in the mouth. It's getting so bad lately I think she might be part goat.Here is the after picture of what she decided to do to this page.
And here she is going back for more. Over Christmas she would try to get her mouth on every piece of tissue paper she could. The day after christmas I expected to find red and green in her diaper. So I've hidden all the books, canceled our newspaper subscription, and I'm hoping this phase passes soon.


ginger said...

She is so adorable!!!

Holly G. said...

G is 11 months and still doing the same thing. She gets mad when I take the paper away from her. (She has the same PJ's, too).

The McKenzie Crew said...

It is normal - no goat in the blood line:):)hahaha!
JOhn-Bryan went through the I am not going to feed myself or hold my bottle phase after he was so sick at around 12 months -I think he enjoyed being babied so much - he did not want it to end. I indulged him and he got tired of it in a few weeks!
She is doing great Nikki- you can look in those eyes and see a little hint of free- spirit - but NIkki - that is what make life FUN!!!


Crystal said...

I love the first picture where it really looks like she is reading Clifford --so so preccious!!! The little look on her face is so funny in the next one I was crackin up!!!! It looks like she just wants to say--"mommy I know I should not being doing this but it just taste so good!!" too cute!!!

Crystal said...

I am so sorry I am trying to type fast --(Caleb wants to play checkers!)--I spelled precious wrong!!:O)

Alleen said...

Sounds like Gabriella! Paper eating is an obsession. She won't hold her bottle either.

Anonymous said...

oooo, nik. one day we will get connor and liv together and they can come up with a whole new recycling plan for the planet. he is going to be 3 in june and i am still waiting for him to stop shoving everything in his mouth!

Anonymous said...

maybe it's time for some board books. emily is not eating paper, but she has found ways to get in my purse, take out my glitter lip gloss and place it all over her body....girls just wanna have fun! what can I say? if liv does an impression of Goat Boy, then call me.

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

At least she's getting her fiber...and think how she's helping the environment with recycling. ha ha ha.

By the way-She's a beautiful girl.