Sunday, January 14, 2007

The weekend

On Friday we met Vaish and my mother in law at the bridal store. The place would only let Vaish try on 3 dresses. Can you believe that, Don't they want to sell dresses. She did let us see a few more but the lady was so rude, we just wanted to get out of there and go to lunch. Vaish really liked 1 but I can't post the picture in case she chooses that one. She is going to try on a few more next weekend at another, hopefully more helpfull place. I didn't try anything on and Liv is so tiny, only 16 pounds that they really had nothing in her size. She did try on this crown that looked so cute on her.

I think I'll take this one! Now I look like the princess my Mom says I am.
Here is Liv with Vinay's Grandma (Mamuma in Indian). She was in India when Liv first came home, but she is making up for lost time every time we visit.


Kim said...

Only three dresses????? What???? One of the fun parts about getting married is trying on TONS of dresses. She was probably just lazy and didn't want to put them away.

The McKenzie Crew said...

I love the last pic - what a precious memory - family is EVERYThING! Take all the pics like that you can - she will treasure then when she is older!!


Makes me miss my Mee-ma

Alleen said...

That's just crazy!!!!!!!!!!

That last picture is wonderful!!!!

Crystal said...

Seeing Liv in the little veil--makes me think these babies of ours will get married someday!! I will be booo-hoooing like crazy that my little girl is grown up!!! (sorry I am so mushy right now with PINK around the corner!!!) I love the last picture too how precious--she will cherish that always!!! Your baby girl is so so beautiful--just like her momma!!! hugs!!

ginger said...

What was that lady's problem. Liv looks so cute. I love the last pic.

Holly G. said...

Hey if push comes to shove, my mom could make Liv's dress. My mom made all ELEVEN of the dresses for Sandy's wedding including Gia's flower girl dress. Keep it open as an option.