Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday "Up" to no good

Olivia is the type of child who wants to please you. She wants everyone to be happy and everything to be at peace. Because of this she is usually such a good girl, it is now very rare that I have to put her in time out. However she is still a two year old and can get into her share of mischief.
Here are the faces of Liv when she is "up" to no good?
When I ask her "who did that?",this is the face she gives me, and she will point to herself.
"Are you suppose to do that?" I'll ask, she then looks for the answer and will mumble out a "no".

This is the I'm sorry face. Now how can you be mad at that!!!!
Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pop pop update and my little Monet

Liv and I have been visiting my Grandfather most days, so our daily outings to the gym, library, and play dates have been on hold. I must say Olivia has been a trooper, I just bring her toys and she is happy to just play at her Poppop's bedside. However she does like to take walks to the cafeteria, ride the elevator, and stick her hand in the water sculpture in the lobby. I am so lucky she is a good kid and I can stay with Pop as my family needs me too.

Pop is doing ok, we won't know the extent of the damage from the heart attack, for a little while. However when he is not in familiar surroundings, his dementia gets so bad. He thinks he is anywhere but the hospital. He also gets very mad that he can't go home. Yesterday he was yelling at me because I didn't bring him any clothes. He is constantly saying that if he had his clothes he could just walk out of there. Truthfully this heart attack has taken allot out of him physically. He is as weak as a kitten, but yet as stubborn as a bull. He wants to go home and he will not let you forget it!! We are hoping he will be able to come home over the weekend.

On to my little painter. It has been very cold the last week so Liv and I have been painting and crafting our little hearts out. One day we painted macaroni, and made necklaces out of them. Another day we were gluing collages. However Liv's favorite thing to do is paint. We took advantage of some after-Christmas sales and got all new supplies.

Here is an example of one of her masterpieces.

Liv was painting and she usually paints circles, but on this sheet she was making this pink Y thing. I asked her what it was and she just shrugged her shoulders. Then she calls me back over and says "Mom look dile" and points to the pictures, I said "oh nice", I had no clue what she was talking about. Then she says "Mom look" and starts making a chomping noise "Dile". Then it clicked "A crocodile" like in "Peter Pan". "Yes" she says and starts to laugh, and make the chomping noise again.
I know she didn't mean to paint this, but when I asked her what it was she looked into the painting and saw a crocodile. Then she painted the top pink blob and said "Hook" For Captain Hook. Now I know I'm biases, but that is some imagination, or I've just been letting her watch "Peter Pan" too much!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prayers for my Grandfather and update

Just found out that my Grandfather suffered a heart attack on Thursday.
All he said was that he had a stomachache.
Yesterday he started to have a bit more dementia than usual so he was taken to the hospital. It was only then that we discovered he had had a heart attack.
At 88 years old he is still the strongest man I know.
Please keep him in mind as we find out more.
Thank you.

Update: Thank you so much for everyones prayers. Today Pop had a Cardiac Catheterization and they put in one stint to open up the blockage. He is in good spirits and doing better.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interview and my dream job

Tracey was nice enough to interviewed me and here is how it works:

1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (And your e-mail address, please.)
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Now the 5 questions that Tracey asked:

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?This is such an interesting question, because everyone want to believe in love at first sight. But if I go by mine and Vinay's relationship, we were friends for about 2 years before he swept me off my feet. Then I would have to say no. I believe in attraction at first sight but Love is something that has to grow over time.
2. If you could have any job, what would it be? Why? Ahh my dream job. Most of the time I think to myself that what I am doing now is my dream job. I have always wanted to be a mother, and I know that I am so lucky to be able to do this full time and be home with Liv. But lately I have been thinking about returning to work. Now this is the worst time in the world, with the job market and the economy the way it is. But luckily for me, just on the news the other day my dream job became available to me. Actually you may have seen it. Australia's state of Queensland is offering what they quote as "The best job in the world". In an effort to boost tourism they are conducting a worldwide search for someone to live on a private Island, and take care of it. The only catch, you have to blog about your experiences. How cool is that. To be a stay at home mom and do it on a tropical island, it's like the mother ship is calling me home. So of course I clicked on the link they provided to apply. Unfortunately 200.000 other people think they are perfect for the job too and the site crashed. Don't worry though I sent an email to the head of tourism in Queensland, explaining why I'd be best for the job. I'll be holding my breath till he emails me back. Yea right. So I guess that would be my dream job to live on a tropical island, be able to spend time with Liv and be able to write. Oh and get paid to do all of it!!
3. Who inspires you? Why? Regular everyday people inspire me. Right now little Abby and her family are inspiring me. With every post of theirs I am in awe of their faith in God, and of Abby's strength.
4. What are you afraid of? Change. I am a total control freak, something I am working on. And right now my life is in a very stable safe place. I fear that things will change, and they always do, so I am trying to put more trust in God to help me deal with life as it changes.
5. What were you like as a child? As a child I was allot like Olivia is. Quiet and reserved, inquisitive yet very cautious. I had a vivid imagination and was generally a happy kid

Well thank you Tracey for interviewing me. It really helped me with my blogging block.

Now for some needed pictures. These are from last summer, as you can see Liv and I are right at home on the beach

Ahhh to be this warm again. We had snow this morning and tomorrow's high is suppose to be 15 degrees.
I think a tropical lifestyle will fit us well.

Stay warm everyone!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Please pray for Abby this week!!

On Wednesday the 14 Abby begins the hardest part of her treatment. The next 60 days will be so hard and painful on her poor little body.

Please join us in praying for her.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"Show Mommy how the little piggies eat"

Who can guess what movie that quote is from

These pictures prove that I will allow anything as long as Olivia eats!!!

Eating her spaghetti off the table
Mom are you really letting me eat like this?

Slurping spaghetti off the table is fun.

Haha this is so fun!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

One word sums up our Christmas Vacation: SICK. Between the three of us we had, 3 stomach viruses, 4 ear infections, 1 fever of 102.7, 2 fevers of 103.3, and the nastiest cold I'd ever seen. Vinay is usually off for 3 weeks during the holidays so we can do fun stuff, visit friends, and spend time with our families. Unfortunately that did not happen, but we are all better now and looking forward to a great 2009

Picture catch up, we did have some non sick days.

New years eve, just before midnight
Liv loved all the party hats and noise makers.

My little bed head playing with her baking set from Santa. She new to put all the cupcake cups in the muffin pan. She didn't learn it from me, I haven't made cupcakes in 2 years.

We did get to visit with my friend Chris and her family. Here is Emily and Liv enjoying a cup of Chocolate Silk. The girls chugged the cups.

Liv, Emily, and Chris, being silly. Liv still drinking her Silk.

My favorite picture from the holidays. My family always has someone dress up as Santa and come over on Christmas eve. Olivia loved him and would not get off his lap.

Liv getting in her last minute requests from Santa.

Liv and her Bappamama. We were so happy to have Vinay's mom join in my families traditions this year.

Liv and her adoring Mommas. My Mom, Me, and Vinay's Mom

Our yearly family picture in front of my Aunts tree.