Friday, January 30, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday "Up" to no good

Olivia is the type of child who wants to please you. She wants everyone to be happy and everything to be at peace. Because of this she is usually such a good girl, it is now very rare that I have to put her in time out. However she is still a two year old and can get into her share of mischief.
Here are the faces of Liv when she is "up" to no good?
When I ask her "who did that?",this is the face she gives me, and she will point to herself.
"Are you suppose to do that?" I'll ask, she then looks for the answer and will mumble out a "no".

This is the I'm sorry face. Now how can you be mad at that!!!!
Happy weekend everyone.


Carrie said...

That last photo is gorgeous. Look at her eyelashes.

Savannah also gets very upset if you correct her. She likes to everything right and aims to please.

Kim & Dave said...

She sounds like a sweetie! & boy, is she adorable!

Hannah said...

She is beautiful!

Robyn said...

What a sweet girl you have!! She's adorable!!