Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prayers for my Grandfather and update

Just found out that my Grandfather suffered a heart attack on Thursday.
All he said was that he had a stomachache.
Yesterday he started to have a bit more dementia than usual so he was taken to the hospital. It was only then that we discovered he had had a heart attack.
At 88 years old he is still the strongest man I know.
Please keep him in mind as we find out more.
Thank you.

Update: Thank you so much for everyones prayers. Today Pop had a Cardiac Catheterization and they put in one stint to open up the blockage. He is in good spirits and doing better.


JuJu - said...

praying for you Grandfather and for you too:) Keep us posted:)

Tracey said...


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Nikki and prayers for your grandfather. les/bene'smom

Anonymous said...

Well, POP was and is as strong and stubborn as ever, so no surprise here. However, everyone needs a good prayer now and then to keep them holding on. We will think of him for you and the whole family.

Love, chris

Alleen said...

Nikki... I hope your grandfather continues to recover!!! Prayers for him and the family.