Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Halloween parade was full of tears

Liv had her school Halloween parade today and it was full of tears! No not from me.
I went to Liv's preschool to wait outside with the other parents watch as our kids parade past us for the school's fall festival. My Mom was there and Liv's Godmother Kate, we were all so excited, and anxious since I had heard that the students were making their own costumes, and I didn't know what they were going to be dressed as.
Liv's class comes out and as soon as the door opened I saw the saddest little candy corn walking toward me. Liv took one step out the door and started bawling. I felt so bad for her, when she walked by she grabbed my hand. I wanted her to finish the parade so I walked with her. After the parade it was time for the kids to perform the songs they learned, poor Liv just stood there crying, holding her stuffed animal. Guess I won't be signing her up to be in any beauty pageants anytime soon.

As we were getting into the car I asked her for the 5th time why she was crying. She burst back into tears and said "I don't like this costume, I wanted to wear my puppy costume". So there you have it the trials and tribulations of a three year old. And you thought being a kid was easy?

Picture time
My first glimpse of a tear stained "Candy Corn".
Not happy at all!!!!!!!!

Almost over!!!

There is no preforming when you are this upset. All the kids were so cute dressed in their fall costumes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School update!

Liv and the girls in her class, patiently waiting their turn at the pumpkin patch!!

We are in full swing with school. When we are driving to school Liv will still say, "No Mommy, no go to school", but then I start talking about how all the kids and her teachers are going to miss her if she's not there. She is eager to please so this works.
Once we get into the parking lot, she sees the other kids and is wants to go in. When we get to the class room, she is hesitant to leave me, but I usually give her a kiss on her hand for her to keep while I'm gone and then she is happy to go and play.
When I pick her up it is like she hasn't seen me for a year. She is so excited to see me and usually will say, lets go home. But the fact is she is doing it. It is hard for her but she is separating from me and she is proud of herself for being a big girl and going to school!!
I had conferences today. She said Liv is a quiet girl, who prefers to observe before she jumps into an activity. Liv is also not as clingy to the teachers, I knew she was using them as a pseudo Mommy while at school. So she is getting more independent and coming out of her shell.
All I wanted out of this year was for Liv to learn to separate from me and not be sad about it.
Yipppeee for Liv, Yippeee for me, not that I get much done with my 5 hours a week without her. But Liv is happy and that make me happy!!!!!!!!!!!

More pics of the pumpkin patch
The only smile I could catch on camera.

Posing with the pumpkins

Friday, October 16, 2009

Forever family day, or as we call it "Livapalooza"

October 17 2009
3 years ago today we carried our baby girl off a plane and into our family forever.

Liv you have made our lives complete. You have truly shown us what love is, and we are so blessed to be your parents. We have a fun filled weekend planned to celebrate all that you have meant to us.

Today we are celebrating all that Olivia has brought into our lives!!!! But we are also remembering all that was left behind in Guatemala. Her Birth Mother, her Foster Mother, and all the children who will never know the love of a family.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hibernating for the winter.

Ok drug companies and news media you win!!!! I am officially frightened of the up coming cold and flu season!!!

I wish I could put our house in a big plastic bubble for the winter. Like the one at the end of the movie E.T. when the house is overtaken by the government men trying to study E.T. and Elliot. But I can't so what's a Mom to do? We will get our yearly flu shots, but not the H1N1. I have hand sanitizers strategically placed all over the house, in the car, and of course in my purse. We are also all so hopped up on vitamins our urine glows.

Other than that I am at a lose as to how else to protect my family.

So I've decided I'm no longer watching news shows about the flu, no longer reading articles about the flu, or listening to anymore talk radio debating about the flu. I am officially putting my head back in the sand, where at least my neurosis won't make me sick!!!