Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School update!

Liv and the girls in her class, patiently waiting their turn at the pumpkin patch!!

We are in full swing with school. When we are driving to school Liv will still say, "No Mommy, no go to school", but then I start talking about how all the kids and her teachers are going to miss her if she's not there. She is eager to please so this works.
Once we get into the parking lot, she sees the other kids and is wants to go in. When we get to the class room, she is hesitant to leave me, but I usually give her a kiss on her hand for her to keep while I'm gone and then she is happy to go and play.
When I pick her up it is like she hasn't seen me for a year. She is so excited to see me and usually will say, lets go home. But the fact is she is doing it. It is hard for her but she is separating from me and she is proud of herself for being a big girl and going to school!!
I had conferences today. She said Liv is a quiet girl, who prefers to observe before she jumps into an activity. Liv is also not as clingy to the teachers, I knew she was using them as a pseudo Mommy while at school. So she is getting more independent and coming out of her shell.
All I wanted out of this year was for Liv to learn to separate from me and not be sad about it.
Yipppeee for Liv, Yippeee for me, not that I get much done with my 5 hours a week without her. But Liv is happy and that make me happy!!!!!!!!!!!

More pics of the pumpkin patch
The only smile I could catch on camera.

Posing with the pumpkins

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