Monday, July 31, 2006

No real update from the agency. Just that we are in PGN and they will call as soon as they hear anything. At this point 2 things could happen, 1 we are issued a previo, we need to redo a document in our paperwork. or 2 our case was approved. So we wait by the phone.

Actually the house, has been keeping us busy. After spending another night downstairs. I woke up to wait for, Verizon, PSE&G, the painter, and our handyman. We finally got phone service, which was killing Vinay, he is addicted to the phone. The painter is sending a quote for Olivia's room and playroom.
PSE&G on the other hand was not as cooperative. After not showing up yesterday, they finally came at 11:00 AM. The guy gets here and said he will not go up in the attic because we have no flooring up there. The guy last week went up there. So he said get some flooring and we'll go up and find the leak. Thankfully our handyman came back and tried to locate the problem. He also installed some flooring up there. We still don't have air up there, well we do. I finally convinced Vinay to put in a window unit in our bedroom. At least I can sleep in my own bed tonight. I'll post pictures of the damage tomorrow.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Hi Mommy, bet you didn't remember that Friday marked our 3rd week in PGN"

I remembered Liv. Yes week 3 in PGN. The good news is cases have been moving out of PGN, my agency had 5 come out this week. So we are hoping Vinay's good luck gets us out quick.

Update on the house stuff. We had a very busy weekend. Vinay was mad about the water damage but we could do nothing so we just went out to eat with Dennis and Sara. {See Dennis I told you I would include you in my blog} Saturday we woke up early to go to a surprise party, we had a concert that night, (Bon Jovi), so I asked Vinay to go in the basement and get a cooler for tailgating. I hear Vinay calling for me so I go down there and there is water dripping from a pipe. One that is connected to the air conditioner. So our roof wasn't leaking it was the air conditioner. And who knows how extensive the damage is behind the walls. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. All we could do was turn off the air and call PSE&G. They said they could come Sunday after 3. Remember they were here last week to add coolant, and blow thru the tubes. So the guy must have blown out a tube and now it's leaking.

Saturday night we slept down in the family room. I was miserable. I love to sleep in my bed, and I get very cranky when my sleep is disrupted.

So today Vinay stayed in all day waiting for PSE&G. I went to a family party, was back at 7 and they still hadn't come. Vinay kept calling and they said we'll be there within the hour. Finally at 10PM Vinay couldn't take it anymore so he called to tell them to just come in the morning. Their answer to him was "Oh we already rescheduled you, we don't come out after 8:30PM" All I could do was laugh. What a waste of a day, and we are sleeping on the floor in the family room again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope they come tomorrow because we are expecting a major heatwave this week.

To be continued.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I love this picture of her. It looks like she's say "You better come here and pick me up". Well Vinay read the blog, and said it was a "debbie downer blog". So I hope people don't think I'm this miserable person. I really am a generally happy person. Please don't send me free samples of Prozac yet. I guess I was treating this as an online Diary. I really do have so much to be thankful for. I have a great husband, wonderful family and friends. One thing I do need to complain about is things breaking in the house. First the air conditioner breaks. then on Tuesay the phone stopped working. Verizon is coming monday and today the real kicker happened. Yesterday I packed up liv's playroom to be painted. So I organized it and put everything away so they can paint. This morning for some reason I went in there just to look and I noticed a big water stain on the wall. The paint was bubbled up and it was damp. Crap is the roof leaking. Vinay said to always tell him immediatly. I usually wait till he's in a good mood, but oh well. so I called him and he was so upset. So I called our handy man Melvin, who hasn't retuned our calls since he hasn't finished the deck, but thank God he answered. He's coming Monday also to take a look. Why is this house falling apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New pictures Of Liv. She got so big.
Entry for July 27, 2006
Back from vacation,
I had fun on both my vacations. AC was fun, although i didn't win any money.
I'm feeling better this week. I actually haven't cried since Sunday which is good. Last week I think i cried everyday. Note to self: don't listen to sad songs when you are sad. I think I was just putting salt in my wounds.
This week I am packing up the spare bedroom since we've decidied to have it painted along with Liv's. it will be her play room. I also have to return some things I bought for our visit trip, since Olivia won't fit in them once we do finally see her again. She is getting so big.
My agency had good news this week. 4 cases came out of PGN on Tuesday. This is great. hopefully more will come out before the week is over.
Please Mr PGN sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please pray for him to sign all these cases stuck in Limbo.
And please pray for him to sign mine, so we can go get Olivia.
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Entry for July 23, 2006
In this corner weighing in at 9lb and 4oz we have Miss Olivia. Yes I got an update, Liv is also now 21 inches long.
The city was fun, we walked around went out to dinner and we even went on the NBC studios tour. Our hotel was great right in the center of times square.
This week I'm going away with my Mom to AC. So no updates for a few days.
Also my corrdinator is on vacation so I won't have any updates on Liv's case.
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Entry for July 19, 2006
Summer in NJ
Well summer has offically hit, it iwas 101 on Monday and 102 on Tuesday. Monday I was feeling sick from the heat but tried to still do some stuff, shop for Vinay anniversary gift, do laundry, ect.... But Monday night I felt really sick. Hot and then chills, dizzy, sick to my stomach. Vinay was staying at a hotel with clients and I even wanted him to come back home, but I didn't ask. So I decided to stay indoors all day Tuesday. I only opened the door to let Parker out. By the afternoon I noticed that it wasen't feeling too cool in the house. I went upstairs and boy was it hot. The air was blowing hot. I thought Vinay is going to have a fit, he hates when things break down. I called PSE&G the earliest they could come was Wed from 3-8pm, big window of time there. I turned off the air and tuned down the air downstairs so that it wasn't working so hard. God was it hot. Of course I still felt dizzy and sick.
Finally it rained and upstairs cooled off. I put the air back on and it was blowing cold. So I don't know what the deal is. They are coming today, and I feel a bit better, but still sick to my stomach.
Tomorrow is our 4 year wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!! We are staying in the city and I am looking forward to going away. I know it will be fun because me and Vinay always have adventures when we stay someplace. I'm looking forward to it, and I know Vinay needs a mini vacation he has been very tired.
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Entry for July 18, 2006
A big fat NO
Well my pleading email didn't work. It sounds as if the agency would have let us go back down but the lawyer would not. So it's a no. It still has not hit me that I might not see her again till October. I just have to start praying harder. I thought I would be a patient waiter, but now I know this is going to drive me nuts. I was even considering fostering her down there. If you want to check out a cool blog of some women who are fostering their babies, type in
Da Holly G show, and then check out the women Julia and Candy. Awsome people who are doing amazing things in Guatemala.
No more for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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leave me a comment
If you are reading this I'd love to hear from you please leave me a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just look at the bottom of the daily blog and write me a note!!!!!!!!!
Entry for July 14, 2006
More drama,
So I told my agency that we were going back down aug 7-14, Here was my response.

I have talked to the director, who in turn has talked with the lawyer, about multiple visit trips. Many families are requesting to visit a second and even third time right now.

At present, we cannot authorize multiple visits because doing so would strain staff resources. At any time of the year, many children do become ill during or shortly after a visit, due to exposure to the air conditioning they are unaccustomed to, to new germs, and to the stress of being with different caregivers, different language, different environment, etc. Because it is presently the rainy season (winter) in Guatemala, there are more illnesses for children to be exposed to, especially in areas such as the hotels where the children and families congregate. Finally, multiple visits can be disruptive to the children's care routine.

At this time we have chosen to hold off on authorizing multiple visits. While I realize this is disappointing news I am thankful that your case is moving along at a great timeframe and you are already in PGN. Please feel free to call me tomorrow if you would like to discuss further.

Take care,

I read this email and just had to take deep breath. I then forwarded it to vinay. Finally I called my coordinator and left a composed message.
I got in the car and immediatly started to cry. After I found out we were in PGN I was finally able to unpack her suitecase. I washed everything happily thinking we would see her again. Now there saying we can't go down. It's so unfair.
I spoke to the agency and she said to put all my points in an email and she would pass it on.
Here it is.
Thank you so much for your quick response. Everyday I thank my lucky stars that I found such an honest, hardworking, ethical team to guide us through this adoption.

I really wish you would reconsider it's decision on multiple visits. With the current situation in PGN, and the uncertainty of pick up time I can see why parents need to see their children more than once.
Had we known that we were only allowed one visit we defiantly would have not scheduled our visit back in June. At that time we were not even in family court. Because of my school schedual, we booked our trip for the first day I was off from school, and for only 4 days, because of my husbands work, thinking, we'll be back in a month or so to visit longer. We would have waited till we were further along in the process, and we would have stayed longer.

I am currently requesting a visit in August. I understand that many families wish to visit during that month. However because school starts back up in September, and I plan to work until the baby comes home, pushing back our trip is not possible for us. Perhaps we were wrong for booking this trip, we assumed that a second visit was possible, and I do apologize.

Of course we would never want to jeopardize our babies health in any way. I assure you that we did not use air conditioning in the room, and we fortunately stayed at the Westin where there were fewer children. Olivia did wonderful with us. She was happy, content, and easily soothed by my voice( Isabel must be playing the tape I made).

Please reconsider our request. Thank you again for your time and consideration on this matter.

So now I'm waiting to hear back. What a crappy day. And it was our Indian anniversary, Vinay took me out but It was hard for me to be happy.
I woke up today feeling more positive, we are seeing Vaish tonight and I'll finally get to see her ring. I got her some bride magazines and a card. I'm so excited for her, and I don't want to cloud the good mood. Besides I should be happy, we Have been in PGN for a week, and I have so much to be thankfull for.
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Entry for July 11, 2006
From ho hum to hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today was same old stuff. I was out searching for cribs, not much luck. I also searched for paint colors and preped the room for painting, just taping and removing the outlet covers. Vinay was not home for dinner so I was lonely, but I was trying to keep busy.
Then the phone rang, it was my coordinator. I picked up on the first ring. I thought she was just calling to update me on family court, since I asked about how long that part would take. She said she called to tell us we were out of family court. OUT we were OUT. we only went in on June 21, we were out last week and we entered PGN on July 7. So in 3 weeks the court reviewed our homestudy, interviewed the foster mom, the bithmom, and wrote up a report. That is efficent. Go back a day or two if your unsure of the process steps. I was speechless. I thanked her 20 times for the call and hung up the phone. I knew Vinay was at a dinner meeting, but I had to call. Here is the message I left.
Ring Ring
(Vinay's message- You have reached Vinay at @#%^$@$ I can't come to the phone but if you'll leave a message, I'll return your call as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day.)
Me: Hi hun, I'm so sorry to call when I know your on a meeting, but I just thought you'd like to know that we're out of family court, and we entered... PGN... last week.
I hung up and just started to cry. It was like every emotion came out. My sadness, the anxiety, and yes the relief that we are getting closer to bringing her home.
I am so happy to finally be in PGN but I am also frightened that we will be stuck in this limbo like everyone else. I heard that there are 700 cases in PGN right now.
But tonight is a night for celebration, and please say a prayer that our case does not get lost in the PGN hole.

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Entry for July 10, 2006
Today we got our video.
It came in the mail. I'd been waiting for over a month. The video was taken back in June around the 10th right before we went. Of course it's cute, but we took better footage on our own. If we had'nt visited I would have thought what a cranky baby. Liv was fussing for most of the video. she is in a bouncy seat and she looks tired. She did somethimes have an attitude while we were there but she was mostly content. Thank God we visited so I know she is a generally happy baby. Maybe she is just happy with us. Still no movement on the adoption front. Not interview date, however or coordinator said we might not know about the interview date until after it was completed. I'll keep posting to fill my time. This summer off is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Entry for July 05, 2006
Happy 2 month birthday Olivia!
Today was very sad for me. I just keep thing about Liv, what she's doing? How she is sleeping? I miss her so much my body aches. i'm also obsessed with the slowdown in PGN. The final stage that we are not even at yet. I keep reading articels, searching on the web and looking at other peoples timelines. For those of you who are not sure of the process here is a crash course.

Dossier is sent to Guatemala to be translated. Ours was in April
Child is born. Olivia born May 5 Birth is registered at Civil Registry and a birth certificate is issued.
Birth mother signs over custody to a lawyer and authorizes the lawyer to pursue adoption plans for the child; child enters foster care May 7
Child is taken to a pediatrician for basic physical and (for newborns) usually for first immunizations, if these steps were not done prior to relinquishment. May 10
Birthmother also sees a doctor to make sure she is fine and may have blood tests done at this time, if they haven't been done prior to the birth of the child.
You receive a referral with child's and birth mother?s names, basic physical info, and usually a photo and results of screening blood tests for syphilis, hepatitis and HIV. May 16
You accept referral and sign a Power of Attorney (POA) to authorize the lawyer in Guatemala to act on your behalf during the adoption process. Under Guatemalan law the same lawyer may represent the birth mother's and child's interests and your interests during the adoption. May 17
1. The lawyer requests authorization from the US Embassy to have DNA testing performed on the birth mother and child to confirm that they are indeed biologically mother and child. DNA testing is done with supervision and a photo of the birth mother with the child is taken at the testing site to ascertain their identities. May 20
Case is entered into Family Court, a social worker reviews your dossier, interviews the birth mother, sees the child in foster care or orphanage, and (almost always) approves the adoption. The social worker writes a several page report summarizing the facts of the case and attesting to the reasons that the birth mother cannot care for the child. The birth mother signs consent for adoption for second time. In court June 21, waiting for interview date.
2.The lawyer then submits a petition for approval of the adoption case to a notarial officer of the Attorney General?s office (Procuraduria General de la NaciĆ³n or PGN). (A Notary in Guatemala is an attorney with additional powers, not simply someone who certifies signatures as in the US.)
Notary in PGN reviews all the documents (often requesting that some be re-done because of minor spelling errors, expired notary seals, etc.) and almost always approves the adoption. The PGN may at their discretion investigate aspects of the case if they wish and as a result of that and other variations, time in this step (as in many steps) can vary widely. This is where people are getting stuck, if you have a good lawyer it should only take a month, some people have been in since april. I am so scared and we are not even up here yet.
PGN issues its approval for the adoption to proceed.
The lawyer then meets the birth mother for the 4th and final sign-off.
The adoption decree is then written and issued by the lawyer and the child is legally now the child of the adoptive family.
A new birth certificate is then issued by the Civil Registry with the child?s first and middle names unchanged, but with the names of the adoptive parent(s).
Lawyer takes new birth certificate and applies for a Guatemalan passport (although the child is adopted by US parents, he or she is still a Guatemalan citizen).
All documents are translated and the child may come to the US. Olivia is our forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Entry for July 04, 2006

Well Happy 4th of July.
The party was fun. All the hard work was worth it, however I have to give a shout out to my clean up crew. I really appreciate it girls for all your help.
Monday we went on a friend's boat, which was fun plus we really needed to get out of the house.
Today we went to register at Babies R Us, of course I was the only one in there without a big belly. I wound up telling the lady helping us that we were adopting when she asked for my due date. Regestering was fun. Imagining Liv in a the cute carriages and toys. But it was also bittersweet. Not really knowing when we could bring her home. We can guess, but we don't know exactly we just keep wishing that everything goes smoothly and that nothing get held up in the courts.
On a happier note Vaishu got engaged. She was away with Jake in Jamica, and she just called to say that he had popped the question. I am so excited for them and I can't wait till they get home so we can celebrate and start planning the next Nayak wedding.

Entry for June 27, 2006

No time for blogging this week. I've been so busy with getting ready for this party that I am neglecting my page. Also there is not much to report. We've been doing allot of "wonder what Liv is doing?" . Also I'v been looking at her pictures constently. I really miss her, I wish I could go back and redo last week. I still can't bring myself to unpack her suitcase. But we have good news, we have been pre approved for Olivia's Visa to come into the country. Just another step closer to bring her home.
This is one of my favorite pictures we took.

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Entry for June 24, 2006

Our last day. We stayed in bed playing with Liv till we had to get ready. I tkept my cool for most of the morning. She is just so funny to watch. Also this morning she gave me her first real smile. I had her lay on the bed and I do this thing where I pretend to bite her hands, she loves it, and she gave me a smile. what a cutie.
Then it was time to give her back. The lawyers people were waiting downstairs, so I bundled her up like she was when I got her, and we carried her down. She was taking a nap. I kept kissing her little head and I handed her over, and told them she would need to eat soon. I went in for one more kiss and I started to cry. I miss her so much already. I want to be the one she looks at when she eats, or the one who answers her cry at night. My rational side knows that she will be home soon, and that I need to get things ready here.
So here are the lyrics to the song I sang to Olivia every night, This song is also on the tape I made for her. right before it ends. This is for you liv.
"Leaving on a jet plane"
All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standing here outside the door, I hate to wake you up to say goodby,
But the dawn is breaking, it's early morn, the taxies here , he's blown the horn, already I'm so lonesome I could die.
So kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you'll wait for me, hold me like you'll never let me go,
Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again, oh babe I hate to go.
Now the time has come to leave you, one more time let me kiss you, then close your eyes and I'll be on my way,
Dream about the days to come, when I won't have to leave alone, about the times I won't have to say,
kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you'll wait for me, hold me like you'll never let me go,
Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again, Oh babe I hate to go,
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Entry for June 23, 2006

Olivia's first play date was today. A friend of Vinay's cousin is also adopting and fostering her child herself, so she came to visit. Olivia slept thru much of the playdate, she really is our child the way she sleeps.
Last night she went to bed at 11:30, was up at 3 then was up at 7, drank a bottel each time then slept till 10am.
We of course have been sleeping with one eye open incase she needs us.
Tonight I cried putting her to bed. I dawned on me that I won't get to put her to bed tomorrow and I got sad. I love her so much and would love to bring her home now but I know I can't, actually I have nothing ready for her to come home. I really need to get my act together.
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Entry for June 22, 2006

More pool time.
Olivia is quite the beach bum. She loves to hang out at the pool and sleep. Today there was even a Mariachi band playing and she slept right thru it. However she does like to be up at night. Her best mood is around 8-10 pm, when she is suppos to be going to bed. We have really messed up her sleep schedual. Her foster mom is going to hate us. Also she hates the bath. She cries and arches her back not to sit down. So I've been giving her sponge baths. Next time I come, I'll bring a bath pad for her to lay on, since she is even too tiny for the baby bath that was in the room. One thing she does love is to sleep on her belly. I only let her do it during the day when I'm watching but she sleeps so soundly. we wnt to a mexican buffet in the hotel tonight. she slept in the carriage the entire time. What a good baby.
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Entry for June 21, 2006

Today we are tired we spent the day by the pool and met another family who is bringing their daughter home. Nikki and Dan live by freehold and it turns out Vinay met Dan before thru work. He really does know everyone. We had so much fun during dinner. Liv slept most of the day, so I hope she sleeps at night..
For fun, I thought I'd list some songs Vinay has been singing to Liv.
1. Mr Roboto,
2. The theme from Golden girls (thank you for being a friend)
3. The theme from Dukes of hazzard
Notice how these are all from the 80's.
We are having so much fun.

Entry for June 20, 2006

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that Vinay, Olivia, and I are doing fine. We made it thru our first 24 hours. Olivia is so beautiful in person, and I can't believe how much in love we are with her already. The first night was rough however she did sleep till 10 AM. I have broken every mommy rule I had for myself, but oh well. Just for fun I thought I recap the last 24 hours.
6pm Olivia is brought to the hotel, we are given instructions(she sleeps at 9, up at 1, up at 5, bath at 8am)
7pm up in the room with her, Vinay's first words in private w/ her WHATS UUUUUPPPP. What a dork
8pm Olivia wants to eat, OK we feed her but she does not want to burp.
9pm she's suppos to be asleep, she is up crying, Vinay insists I put her down and let her cry it out for 10 min. I only last 3.
10pm she goes to sleep, I also try to sleep but keep checking on her.
11pm Vinay realizes he forgot his contact stuff, too bad is my response.
11:15 Vinay looses a contact in bed, too bad is my response.
1am wakes for bottel, I get up.
4am wakes for bottel, Vinay get up tries to change diaper w/ out glasses, I get up.
7am, wakes for bottel, I get up.
8am goes back to sleep till 10am, we completely miss bath time, OH well.
Honestly Vinay is doing great and we are having a blast, spent some hours at the pool, napped and have had fun dressing her up. I'd send pictures but I'm too tired to to figure it out. We hope to send some soon and we will love to share stories when we come home. Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes for this trip.
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Entry for June 19, 2006
We leave tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have everything packed and ready to go. I also found out her new measurements.
On June 9 she was 7'14
52 CM, she is tiny
Last night I made Vinay put a diaper on a stuffed animal, just for practice. He actually did alright. We'll see when we get there how many diapers her actually changes.
I hope to post while I'm there so check in often.
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Entry for June 16, 2006
Last day of Work.
Thank God!!!!!!!!!! Now I can focus on the trip. Livvy stuff is packed I just have to get a few things. Wipes, butt ointment, diapers, and some snacks for Vinay and I. The sleeplessness continues. I just lay in bad and think about what it will be like to hold her. But I also think of things like what if she rolls off the bed, or she hits her head or we poke her in the eye, then they won't let us adopt her. In the light of day it seams crazy, but at 2AM it's really frightning.
I also have to start thinking about 4th of July. I need to get the email out.
Good news we called the Westin and we are on the adoptive floor. Lets just hope it's not too loud. But they do have our reservation and we are all set.
I've been amazed by how many people have given me gifts and cards for Olivia, it's like people already know how special she is. I really need to start saving things for her scrapbook.
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Entry for June 11, 2006

Just as I was complaining that we haven't gotten any new pictures and I got an email.
She looks different. I can't believe how much she changed in 1 month. She does look content, but I thought her fostermom would have put her in some of the clothes I sent. She still looks cute.
Now i really can't wait to get there and put a dress on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Entry for June 10, 2006
The plans are set.
We leave 5:45 AM Tuesday June 20. Olivia will be brought to us at the hotel after we check in, which I expect to be about early afternoon.
We are staying at the Westin in Guat city. Hope it's a nice place. Olivia will get to stay wih us the whole time.
We leave June 24.
I have so much to pack. Some stuff I borrowed, but most of the clothes I want to buy myself. I also have an entire packing list from the agency.
I can't wait to hold her
Entry for June 5, 2006
Oh I almost forgot
Happy 1 month birthday Olivia
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy
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Entry for June 5, 2006
It's a match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The results from the DNA are back and it shows that Olivia and her birthmom are 99.99999% related to eachother.
The agency called while I was out shopping for the party we are having at work. Sort of an end of the school year bash. This year Vinay will DJ the event since we don't have the money in the budget. He is complaining about doing it but I know he is really excited to be up on stage. Wait till he sees what a tough crowd these kids are
Now we can make make our travel arrangments.
We want to leave June 20. I finish up work on the 16th so that will give me some time to prepare and pack.
Olivia here we come!!!!
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Entry for May 30, 2006
DNA done today.
Today Olivia had her blood test. I think often about her birthmom and feel so bad for the emotions she must be going thru. To give up this beautiful baby must be heartbreaking. I just hope that I can give Olivia all this woman could not. It's hard knowing that this woman's greatest heartbreak is my greatest joy.
Sorry no more sad posts
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Entry for May 24, 2006
I put together a care package to send down to Olivia.
Here is what's in there:
1 outfit complete with matching hat
her first doll, I've been sleeping with it so it smells like us, however there's a rattel in the body and I usually wind up tossing it on the floor in the middle of the night.
A guardian angel pin for her crib, Aunt Pat got this for her and I included a note asking her fostermom to pin it in the crib.
A tape recorder and tape that we made. This was fun to make, we read stories to her, played songs and told her all about the family that is waiting for her here in the US. Vinay of course found this amusing and we had to do several retakes. I also sent extra batteries
I could only fill a 1 gallon ziplock bag so this took up all the room. I'll have to save the rest of the clothes I bought for whene we visit
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Entry for May 22, 2006
Today we got authorization to do a DNA test on the baby. The agency said this is very fast, since it's thru the court that gives permission to do the test. Now the baby and the birth mother will be brought into a lab to get the blood test done. This is done so there is no baby stealing. Once we get a DNA match our case can move forward.
At the same time our case is being filed in family court. Once in family court we will be assigned a case worker who will read thru our homestudy, interview the birthmother, and meet the baby and fostermother. This goes as fast as the caseworker goes. It's up to him/her to set up the interviews and review the paperwork.
We are also planning for our trip down to see Olivia. Hopefully we'll go around June 20. But our agency wants DNA done before we book anything.
So we sit and wait.

Entry for May 17, 2006

More photos,
Dr. said she is the picture of health.
I'm too excited to blog, more to come
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Entry for May 16, 2006

She's here, My baby is here,
I waited till about2 for the info.
Before we could accept the baby we had to agree to some wacky rules our attorney goes by. We had to agree that we would not meet her foster mother. The lawyer is very protective of her foster mom's and tries to protect them. We will however get to meet with a coordinator who will know all about our baby. We agreed, and then we waited.
I went to my Mom's to wait since I couldn't stand it anymore. I told work I'll be in when I'm in. At about 2pm the agency called and told me the lawers name, the name of the foster mom, and yes the baby's name, Lucille Miranda Gomez. My mom started to cry. I was on information overload taking down notes and trying to contain my excitment. I told her just to email me the info and I would call her back with questions.
I quickly opened the file and there she was my beautiful baby girl. I started to cry. She was just the sweetest baby I'd ever seen. Yes she was my baby, I knew it. Actually Ithink she does sort of look like vinay. I called Vinay he was driving back from a meeting. I forwarded the file and told him to call me as soon as he got it. His first words, "Wow she's really cute" My husband the poet.
I had to go to work at least for a little while.
I also had so much to do, call the DR and give him the info, Get our funds together to send the check, and have 1 more paper to fill out.
I was flying, we both couldn't sleep that night, and I can't stop looking at her picture.
Oh yea we renamed her, Meet miss Olivia Miranda Nayak.
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Entry for May 15, 2006
Phone call.
Today I had may cell on me at work, which I never do. I am always telling my staff to turn them off as soon as they enter the school building. Anyway, since I'm waiting for a referral I broke my own rule. I checked my phone about 4 and saw that I had 2 missed calls and 2 new messages. 1 from the agency and 1 from Vinay. I knew something was up. I was shaking. I called the agency she said that her original call was to tell us that we were now #1 on the list but 2 referrals had come in and they were waiting for the complete info, before one could be referred to us. I asked how do you decide which baby will be mine, she said that whichever info became completed first would be ours. She said that by noon tomorrow we will be presented with a referral. I quickly called Vinay and told him the good news. I can't believe tomorrow we will see the picture of our baby. I already love her
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Entry for May 11, 2006
No News,
This week is going so slowly. Especially with Mothers day on Sunday. Will this be my Mothers day? When will that call come? I usually only complain to Vinay but I find myself complaining to everyone. I also find myself having little patience at work. God please let me get through this week!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Entry for May 09, 2006
Not much news on the adoption front. I didn't get a Monday email from the agency so I emailed them. The response was that they expect some referrals by the end of this week, beginning of next? Today I was really anxious. Very jittery and can't seem to think about anything but the baby. Is she born? Does she cry allot? What must her birthmom be going thru? I'm driving myself crazy. I always get so anxious at the end of each wait.
We still can't decide on a name. Olivia, Emma, or maybe the name her Birthmom gives her? I just keep thinking that when we see her we'll know, she'll somehow look like the name she is ment to have.
I'll write when I have news
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Entry for May 04, 2006
I couldn't take it.
Last night I slept in the other bedroom, or as we call it Parkers room. Since he took it over, he even gets under the covers. So in the middle of the night there is a big black nose in my face. He was sleeping downstairs and I guess decided to come up and sleep in his room. His little tail starts wagging, but I was so tired and just rolled over and told him "I'm still sleeping Parker", he just curled up next to me. Next thing I know Vinay is in the room getting ready for work and Parker is jumping all over the bed. That dog gets so excited in the morning.
Vinay is not feeling better. He just gets this cough at night. He finally went to the Dr's. Alergies. They put him on Zyrtec.
Well I'm going on and on. I'll write more when I hear from the agency.
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Entry for May 03, 2006
It's offical we are # 2 on the list. I keep thinking about the baby. Is she born yet? What will she look like? I also have so many fears. What if she doesn't like us? What if we don't bond?
So many things are running thru my head. So I try to put it out of my mind. I'm distracting myself with anything else. Vinay's been sick. Up coughing every night. I'm trying to stick it out and not move into the guest room, but the no sleep is killing me. Maybe God is preparing us for when the baby comes.
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May 1, 2006
Now we are 3!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got an email today from the agency saying that we are #3 on the list. If that wasen't good enough she also said that a referral was given today, so we would move up one more space this week. Wow I really need to decide on a name.
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Entry for April 21, 2006
It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally in the mail was the most beautiful piece of mail ever. Our I171-H. The final immigration paper that is required.
I ran in from the street screaming for Vinay, "It's here it's here" tore it open and kissed the papers. Vinay just looked thru the papers and smiled. He is so even keeled. I was shaking as I dialed the agency. No answer, damn, I left a message. Then I emailed them letting them know we had it.
I had to start getting ready since we were having people over. Before I even got in the shower the agency called back said how happy they were that we had it and to email a copy of the form.
I quickly emailed it and continued to get ready and put out snacks for our guests. Vinay left to pick up someone from the train and I checked email for the next 2 hours. Finally the agency emailed and said we were # 4 on the waiting list. That means that in 2-6 weeks we could have a refferal. I cracked open a bottle of champagne. Thank God for that piece of paper.
Now we wait for the refferal, wonder when that will be.
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Entry for April 18, 2006
4 weeks no news yet.
I have off this week so I started stalking the mailman. Yesterday I also sent a pleading email to my agency begging to get on the waiting list. Why not wait on the list while I wait for the document. Makes sense right. They didn't think so. I have to have all my documnets to get on the list otherwise the baby might have to wait for me to be ready for her instead of the other way around.
I understand but still I want that paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entry for April 11, 2006
3 weeks. I'm loosing it!!!!!!!!!
All I do is surf the internet for any info on Guatemala. Adoption, the people, the culture. I also TVo shows about adoption, and cultural travel shows on the country. I am obsessed
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April 4, 2006
2 weeks and still no document. I am really a patient person but this is killing me.
What will I be like when I'm waiting for her to come home. I heard that "Adoption is like a prgnancy with no due date"
I believe this now more than ever.

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Entry for March 28, 2006
1 Week since fingerprints and no clearence yet. I know it will take long but I can hope right. The document they will issue is called the I 171-h. The frustrating thing is that we can't get on the waiting list for a baby until we get that document.
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Entry for March 21, 2006
Fingerprint appt.
We were in and out in a half hour. This was the easiest step. Now the waiting begins. I hear it could take up to 10 weeks. God I hope not. But I must prepare myself for it. Prepare for the worst hope for the best!!!!!!!!
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March 13, 2006
Dossier at our house already. Legal Eaze was great. I really recommend them.
I took pictures of it and I am sending it to the agency tomorrow. They will then translate it and send to Guatemala.
Wow this is really happening, I wonder if my baby is born yet?
Entry for march 10, 2006
Dossier sent to Guatemala consulet in NY. We used a courier sevice called legal eaze. They were well worth the money. Our documents will be walked into the embassy and done by Monday.
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March, 1, 2006
In the mail we got the appt for our fingerprints.
We have to be in Newark on March 21 at 8:30
Dossier sent to trenton to make sure all documents are valid and notaries are legal.
I'm still not feeling well. I have to take a nap afterwork, just to make it thru the day. I hate being sick
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Entry for feb 24, 2006
Today we got our Homestudy.
They approved us, yea!!!!!!!!
Now we are waiting on our fingerprint appt, for immigration
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Entry for Feb, 21, 2006
So much for a relaxing vacation.
The first day in Bahamas was fun but then I woke up Tuesday with a terriable pain in my cheek. I thought maybe a sinus infection. So of course I ran to the hotel DR. He gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. That night I stayed in while everyone went to Nobu. Vinay came back to the room at and had won some money at the tables. I was zonked out on painkillers.
The next day I gelt a bit better but not much. I stuck it out because I wanted Vin to go to the cocktail party. I made it to that but I had some intense pain and had to leave.
Pain was spreading to other areas of my face and I was breaking out in a rash.
We took a plane home on Thursday, and went right to the emergency room. They were stumped. Next morning headed to my DR. He knew right away that I had the shingles.
The next week is a blur of pain, sleep anda 24inch snow storm.
My face got so bad that vin is a saint for ever finding me attractive after seeing that.
The pain is gone but I'm still so tired!!!!!!!!!
Not much new on the adoption front.
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Entry for February 03, 2006
Well I haven't written in awhile. Well I did write earlier in the week but when I went to post the computer crapped out. Drives me crazy.
Well we did get some good news this week. Our home study agency is getting our letter for the police clearence. Yea!!!!! Finally one thing going smoothly. All we have now is to notarize a few last documents before I head down to Trenton to get the secretary of State to certify that all the notaries are in good standings. I hope to do this Feb 17th since I'll be off for Presidents weekend.
That weekend I also hope to paint the baby's room. I really want yellow, but with the dark red thats on the wall I might have to do pink. I'll see how the primer comes out and then decide. Of course V wants to have a professional come in and do it. We'll see how bad it comes out and then maybe get someone in.
Entry for January 25, 2006
One Thing Down. We are done with our home study!!!!!!!!!!!! All Kerry has to do now is write up the report and we are done. Then copies come to me, the agency, and INS (immigration). We were so happy when she left. We felt like we finally finished something. However I do have to redo my employee letter again. The notary wrote down the wrong date!!!!!!!!!!! But even that couldn't destroy my good mood.
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Entry for January 22, 2006
Let's see what has happend since I last wrote. We had our third homestudy appointment. This time we went in individually. More questions. "What was your childhood like?" How would you describe your marriage?". Blah Blah Blah. I am so sick of talking about myself. We are still fighting with the state police over our fingerprints. We might breakdown and just go about it the long way. We are just so eager and want to move on with this. The more time we waste on doing all this paperwork. The longer it takes for us to get on the waiting list. I just think this paperwork would be easier if we had a little person already waiting for us already. I mean the waiting list could be 3 months long. I'm complaining again. Anyway, This week we have our last homestudy visit. Then only 3 weeks till she writes up the report. I also need to start taking pictures to send with the dossier.

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Entry for January 10, 2006
Got our marriage and birth certificates. Yea!!!!! One thing to cross of the list
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Entry for January 9, 2006
Second Home study visit. We are moving along. That's more than I can say for the dossier (forms that are sent to Guatemala). Last week we did both of our employment letters and 2 witness letters. All have to be redone. Wrong date on some, cross out on another. They are so particular. I hate to redo things. I have to keep telling myself that it's better to be picky now, and move faster once we have a match. I just want to complete this paperwork.
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Entry for January 1, 2006
Happy New year. I am feeling run down and sad that the holidays are over
Entry for December 29, 2005
Busy day today. Had our fingerprints done in the AM, and our first home study visit in the PM. Thank God we are off this week. Home study went well, no walk thru today, I cleaned for nothing. All this plus getting ready for a hugh New Years Eve party. Crazy!!!!!!!!
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Entry for December 27, 2005
Spoke to our case manager for the first time. Boy do we have a ton of paperwork ahead of us. I feel so overwhelmed and I don't know what to start first. Actually we will order new birth and marriage certificates. Then go from there.

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Entry for December 12, 2005
We sign with an agency out of South Carolina. We feel most comfortable with them. They are expensive and we won't be put on the waiting list till we have all our paperwork ready, but we trust that we will have a smooth and uneventfull adoption with them so it will be worth it in the end. Time to find a social worker for our homestudy.
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Entry for November 21, 2005
Today we jump right in and get things rolling. I start researching agencys and I apply with INS and immigration. We are on our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Entry for November 18 2005
To day is the day we decided to adopt. After talking for hours about the latest Dr. appotment, and descussing our options we see adoption as our way to expand our family.