Thursday, July 27, 2006

Entry for May 04, 2006
I couldn't take it.
Last night I slept in the other bedroom, or as we call it Parkers room. Since he took it over, he even gets under the covers. So in the middle of the night there is a big black nose in my face. He was sleeping downstairs and I guess decided to come up and sleep in his room. His little tail starts wagging, but I was so tired and just rolled over and told him "I'm still sleeping Parker", he just curled up next to me. Next thing I know Vinay is in the room getting ready for work and Parker is jumping all over the bed. That dog gets so excited in the morning.
Vinay is not feeling better. He just gets this cough at night. He finally went to the Dr's. Alergies. They put him on Zyrtec.
Well I'm going on and on. I'll write more when I hear from the agency.
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Entry for May 03, 2006
It's offical we are # 2 on the list. I keep thinking about the baby. Is she born yet? What will she look like? I also have so many fears. What if she doesn't like us? What if we don't bond?
So many things are running thru my head. So I try to put it out of my mind. I'm distracting myself with anything else. Vinay's been sick. Up coughing every night. I'm trying to stick it out and not move into the guest room, but the no sleep is killing me. Maybe God is preparing us for when the baby comes.
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May 1, 2006
Now we are 3!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got an email today from the agency saying that we are #3 on the list. If that wasen't good enough she also said that a referral was given today, so we would move up one more space this week. Wow I really need to decide on a name.
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Entry for April 21, 2006
It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally in the mail was the most beautiful piece of mail ever. Our I171-H. The final immigration paper that is required.
I ran in from the street screaming for Vinay, "It's here it's here" tore it open and kissed the papers. Vinay just looked thru the papers and smiled. He is so even keeled. I was shaking as I dialed the agency. No answer, damn, I left a message. Then I emailed them letting them know we had it.
I had to start getting ready since we were having people over. Before I even got in the shower the agency called back said how happy they were that we had it and to email a copy of the form.
I quickly emailed it and continued to get ready and put out snacks for our guests. Vinay left to pick up someone from the train and I checked email for the next 2 hours. Finally the agency emailed and said we were # 4 on the waiting list. That means that in 2-6 weeks we could have a refferal. I cracked open a bottle of champagne. Thank God for that piece of paper.
Now we wait for the refferal, wonder when that will be.
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Entry for April 18, 2006
4 weeks no news yet.
I have off this week so I started stalking the mailman. Yesterday I also sent a pleading email to my agency begging to get on the waiting list. Why not wait on the list while I wait for the document. Makes sense right. They didn't think so. I have to have all my documnets to get on the list otherwise the baby might have to wait for me to be ready for her instead of the other way around.
I understand but still I want that paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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