Thursday, July 27, 2006

Entry for July 27, 2006
Back from vacation,
I had fun on both my vacations. AC was fun, although i didn't win any money.
I'm feeling better this week. I actually haven't cried since Sunday which is good. Last week I think i cried everyday. Note to self: don't listen to sad songs when you are sad. I think I was just putting salt in my wounds.
This week I am packing up the spare bedroom since we've decidied to have it painted along with Liv's. it will be her play room. I also have to return some things I bought for our visit trip, since Olivia won't fit in them once we do finally see her again. She is getting so big.
My agency had good news this week. 4 cases came out of PGN on Tuesday. This is great. hopefully more will come out before the week is over.
Please Mr PGN sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please pray for him to sign all these cases stuck in Limbo.
And please pray for him to sign mine, so we can go get Olivia.
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Entry for July 23, 2006
In this corner weighing in at 9lb and 4oz we have Miss Olivia. Yes I got an update, Liv is also now 21 inches long.
The city was fun, we walked around went out to dinner and we even went on the NBC studios tour. Our hotel was great right in the center of times square.
This week I'm going away with my Mom to AC. So no updates for a few days.
Also my corrdinator is on vacation so I won't have any updates on Liv's case.
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Entry for July 19, 2006
Summer in NJ
Well summer has offically hit, it iwas 101 on Monday and 102 on Tuesday. Monday I was feeling sick from the heat but tried to still do some stuff, shop for Vinay anniversary gift, do laundry, ect.... But Monday night I felt really sick. Hot and then chills, dizzy, sick to my stomach. Vinay was staying at a hotel with clients and I even wanted him to come back home, but I didn't ask. So I decided to stay indoors all day Tuesday. I only opened the door to let Parker out. By the afternoon I noticed that it wasen't feeling too cool in the house. I went upstairs and boy was it hot. The air was blowing hot. I thought Vinay is going to have a fit, he hates when things break down. I called PSE&G the earliest they could come was Wed from 3-8pm, big window of time there. I turned off the air and tuned down the air downstairs so that it wasn't working so hard. God was it hot. Of course I still felt dizzy and sick.
Finally it rained and upstairs cooled off. I put the air back on and it was blowing cold. So I don't know what the deal is. They are coming today, and I feel a bit better, but still sick to my stomach.
Tomorrow is our 4 year wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!! We are staying in the city and I am looking forward to going away. I know it will be fun because me and Vinay always have adventures when we stay someplace. I'm looking forward to it, and I know Vinay needs a mini vacation he has been very tired.
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Entry for July 18, 2006
A big fat NO
Well my pleading email didn't work. It sounds as if the agency would have let us go back down but the lawyer would not. So it's a no. It still has not hit me that I might not see her again till October. I just have to start praying harder. I thought I would be a patient waiter, but now I know this is going to drive me nuts. I was even considering fostering her down there. If you want to check out a cool blog of some women who are fostering their babies, type in
Da Holly G show, and then check out the women Julia and Candy. Awsome people who are doing amazing things in Guatemala.
No more for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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