Thursday, July 27, 2006

Entry for June 20, 2006

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that Vinay, Olivia, and I are doing fine. We made it thru our first 24 hours. Olivia is so beautiful in person, and I can't believe how much in love we are with her already. The first night was rough however she did sleep till 10 AM. I have broken every mommy rule I had for myself, but oh well. Just for fun I thought I recap the last 24 hours.
6pm Olivia is brought to the hotel, we are given instructions(she sleeps at 9, up at 1, up at 5, bath at 8am)
7pm up in the room with her, Vinay's first words in private w/ her WHATS UUUUUPPPP. What a dork
8pm Olivia wants to eat, OK we feed her but she does not want to burp.
9pm she's suppos to be asleep, she is up crying, Vinay insists I put her down and let her cry it out for 10 min. I only last 3.
10pm she goes to sleep, I also try to sleep but keep checking on her.
11pm Vinay realizes he forgot his contact stuff, too bad is my response.
11:15 Vinay looses a contact in bed, too bad is my response.
1am wakes for bottel, I get up.
4am wakes for bottel, Vinay get up tries to change diaper w/ out glasses, I get up.
7am, wakes for bottel, I get up.
8am goes back to sleep till 10am, we completely miss bath time, OH well.
Honestly Vinay is doing great and we are having a blast, spent some hours at the pool, napped and have had fun dressing her up. I'd send pictures but I'm too tired to to figure it out. We hope to send some soon and we will love to share stories when we come home. Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes for this trip.
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Entry for June 19, 2006
We leave tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have everything packed and ready to go. I also found out her new measurements.
On June 9 she was 7'14
52 CM, she is tiny
Last night I made Vinay put a diaper on a stuffed animal, just for practice. He actually did alright. We'll see when we get there how many diapers her actually changes.
I hope to post while I'm there so check in often.
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Entry for June 16, 2006
Last day of Work.
Thank God!!!!!!!!!! Now I can focus on the trip. Livvy stuff is packed I just have to get a few things. Wipes, butt ointment, diapers, and some snacks for Vinay and I. The sleeplessness continues. I just lay in bad and think about what it will be like to hold her. But I also think of things like what if she rolls off the bed, or she hits her head or we poke her in the eye, then they won't let us adopt her. In the light of day it seams crazy, but at 2AM it's really frightning.
I also have to start thinking about 4th of July. I need to get the email out.
Good news we called the Westin and we are on the adoptive floor. Lets just hope it's not too loud. But they do have our reservation and we are all set.
I've been amazed by how many people have given me gifts and cards for Olivia, it's like people already know how special she is. I really need to start saving things for her scrapbook.
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Entry for June 11, 2006

Just as I was complaining that we haven't gotten any new pictures and I got an email.
She looks different. I can't believe how much she changed in 1 month. She does look content, but I thought her fostermom would have put her in some of the clothes I sent. She still looks cute.
Now i really can't wait to get there and put a dress on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Entry for June 10, 2006
The plans are set.
We leave 5:45 AM Tuesday June 20. Olivia will be brought to us at the hotel after we check in, which I expect to be about early afternoon.
We are staying at the Westin in Guat city. Hope it's a nice place. Olivia will get to stay wih us the whole time.
We leave June 24.
I have so much to pack. Some stuff I borrowed, but most of the clothes I want to buy myself. I also have an entire packing list from the agency.
I can't wait to hold her

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