Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Hi Mommy, bet you didn't remember that Friday marked our 3rd week in PGN"

I remembered Liv. Yes week 3 in PGN. The good news is cases have been moving out of PGN, my agency had 5 come out this week. So we are hoping Vinay's good luck gets us out quick.

Update on the house stuff. We had a very busy weekend. Vinay was mad about the water damage but we could do nothing so we just went out to eat with Dennis and Sara. {See Dennis I told you I would include you in my blog} Saturday we woke up early to go to a surprise party, we had a concert that night, (Bon Jovi), so I asked Vinay to go in the basement and get a cooler for tailgating. I hear Vinay calling for me so I go down there and there is water dripping from a pipe. One that is connected to the air conditioner. So our roof wasn't leaking it was the air conditioner. And who knows how extensive the damage is behind the walls. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. All we could do was turn off the air and call PSE&G. They said they could come Sunday after 3. Remember they were here last week to add coolant, and blow thru the tubes. So the guy must have blown out a tube and now it's leaking.

Saturday night we slept down in the family room. I was miserable. I love to sleep in my bed, and I get very cranky when my sleep is disrupted.

So today Vinay stayed in all day waiting for PSE&G. I went to a family party, was back at 7 and they still hadn't come. Vinay kept calling and they said we'll be there within the hour. Finally at 10PM Vinay couldn't take it anymore so he called to tell them to just come in the morning. Their answer to him was "Oh we already rescheduled you, we don't come out after 8:30PM" All I could do was laugh. What a waste of a day, and we are sleeping on the floor in the family room again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope they come tomorrow because we are expecting a major heatwave this week.

To be continued.

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