Monday, July 31, 2006

No real update from the agency. Just that we are in PGN and they will call as soon as they hear anything. At this point 2 things could happen, 1 we are issued a previo, we need to redo a document in our paperwork. or 2 our case was approved. So we wait by the phone.

Actually the house, has been keeping us busy. After spending another night downstairs. I woke up to wait for, Verizon, PSE&G, the painter, and our handyman. We finally got phone service, which was killing Vinay, he is addicted to the phone. The painter is sending a quote for Olivia's room and playroom.
PSE&G on the other hand was not as cooperative. After not showing up yesterday, they finally came at 11:00 AM. The guy gets here and said he will not go up in the attic because we have no flooring up there. The guy last week went up there. So he said get some flooring and we'll go up and find the leak. Thankfully our handyman came back and tried to locate the problem. He also installed some flooring up there. We still don't have air up there, well we do. I finally convinced Vinay to put in a window unit in our bedroom. At least I can sleep in my own bed tonight. I'll post pictures of the damage tomorrow.

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Ana's Mama said...

Nikki! Your Liv is soooo cute. I would love to link to your page! I hope we can pick up our angels at the same time! Email me and I can explain how to set up your links.