Thursday, July 27, 2006

Entry for march 10, 2006
Dossier sent to Guatemala consulet in NY. We used a courier sevice called legal eaze. They were well worth the money. Our documents will be walked into the embassy and done by Monday.
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March, 1, 2006
In the mail we got the appt for our fingerprints.
We have to be in Newark on March 21 at 8:30
Dossier sent to trenton to make sure all documents are valid and notaries are legal.
I'm still not feeling well. I have to take a nap afterwork, just to make it thru the day. I hate being sick
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Entry for feb 24, 2006
Today we got our Homestudy.
They approved us, yea!!!!!!!!
Now we are waiting on our fingerprint appt, for immigration
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Entry for Feb, 21, 2006
So much for a relaxing vacation.
The first day in Bahamas was fun but then I woke up Tuesday with a terriable pain in my cheek. I thought maybe a sinus infection. So of course I ran to the hotel DR. He gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. That night I stayed in while everyone went to Nobu. Vinay came back to the room at and had won some money at the tables. I was zonked out on painkillers.
The next day I gelt a bit better but not much. I stuck it out because I wanted Vin to go to the cocktail party. I made it to that but I had some intense pain and had to leave.
Pain was spreading to other areas of my face and I was breaking out in a rash.
We took a plane home on Thursday, and went right to the emergency room. They were stumped. Next morning headed to my DR. He knew right away that I had the shingles.
The next week is a blur of pain, sleep anda 24inch snow storm.
My face got so bad that vin is a saint for ever finding me attractive after seeing that.
The pain is gone but I'm still so tired!!!!!!!!!
Not much new on the adoption front.
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Entry for February 03, 2006
Well I haven't written in awhile. Well I did write earlier in the week but when I went to post the computer crapped out. Drives me crazy.
Well we did get some good news this week. Our home study agency is getting our letter for the police clearence. Yea!!!!! Finally one thing going smoothly. All we have now is to notarize a few last documents before I head down to Trenton to get the secretary of State to certify that all the notaries are in good standings. I hope to do this Feb 17th since I'll be off for Presidents weekend.
That weekend I also hope to paint the baby's room. I really want yellow, but with the dark red thats on the wall I might have to do pink. I'll see how the primer comes out and then decide. Of course V wants to have a professional come in and do it. We'll see how bad it comes out and then maybe get someone in.


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