Thursday, July 27, 2006

Entry for June 5, 2006
Oh I almost forgot
Happy 1 month birthday Olivia
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy
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Entry for June 5, 2006
It's a match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The results from the DNA are back and it shows that Olivia and her birthmom are 99.99999% related to eachother.
The agency called while I was out shopping for the party we are having at work. Sort of an end of the school year bash. This year Vinay will DJ the event since we don't have the money in the budget. He is complaining about doing it but I know he is really excited to be up on stage. Wait till he sees what a tough crowd these kids are
Now we can make make our travel arrangments.
We want to leave June 20. I finish up work on the 16th so that will give me some time to prepare and pack.
Olivia here we come!!!!
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Entry for May 30, 2006
DNA done today.
Today Olivia had her blood test. I think often about her birthmom and feel so bad for the emotions she must be going thru. To give up this beautiful baby must be heartbreaking. I just hope that I can give Olivia all this woman could not. It's hard knowing that this woman's greatest heartbreak is my greatest joy.
Sorry no more sad posts
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Entry for May 24, 2006
I put together a care package to send down to Olivia.
Here is what's in there:
1 outfit complete with matching hat
her first doll, I've been sleeping with it so it smells like us, however there's a rattel in the body and I usually wind up tossing it on the floor in the middle of the night.
A guardian angel pin for her crib, Aunt Pat got this for her and I included a note asking her fostermom to pin it in the crib.
A tape recorder and tape that we made. This was fun to make, we read stories to her, played songs and told her all about the family that is waiting for her here in the US. Vinay of course found this amusing and we had to do several retakes. I also sent extra batteries
I could only fill a 1 gallon ziplock bag so this took up all the room. I'll have to save the rest of the clothes I bought for whene we visit
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Entry for May 22, 2006
Today we got authorization to do a DNA test on the baby. The agency said this is very fast, since it's thru the court that gives permission to do the test. Now the baby and the birth mother will be brought into a lab to get the blood test done. This is done so there is no baby stealing. Once we get a DNA match our case can move forward.
At the same time our case is being filed in family court. Once in family court we will be assigned a case worker who will read thru our homestudy, interview the birthmother, and meet the baby and fostermother. This goes as fast as the caseworker goes. It's up to him/her to set up the interviews and review the paperwork.
We are also planning for our trip down to see Olivia. Hopefully we'll go around June 20. But our agency wants DNA done before we book anything.
So we sit and wait.

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