Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Holiday Wrap Up

One word sums up our Christmas Vacation: SICK. Between the three of us we had, 3 stomach viruses, 4 ear infections, 1 fever of 102.7, 2 fevers of 103.3, and the nastiest cold I'd ever seen. Vinay is usually off for 3 weeks during the holidays so we can do fun stuff, visit friends, and spend time with our families. Unfortunately that did not happen, but we are all better now and looking forward to a great 2009

Picture catch up, we did have some non sick days.

New years eve, just before midnight
Liv loved all the party hats and noise makers.

My little bed head playing with her baking set from Santa. She new to put all the cupcake cups in the muffin pan. She didn't learn it from me, I haven't made cupcakes in 2 years.

We did get to visit with my friend Chris and her family. Here is Emily and Liv enjoying a cup of Chocolate Silk. The girls chugged the cups.

Liv, Emily, and Chris, being silly. Liv still drinking her Silk.

My favorite picture from the holidays. My family always has someone dress up as Santa and come over on Christmas eve. Olivia loved him and would not get off his lap.

Liv getting in her last minute requests from Santa.

Liv and her Bappamama. We were so happy to have Vinay's mom join in my families traditions this year.

Liv and her adoring Mommas. My Mom, Me, and Vinay's Mom

Our yearly family picture in front of my Aunts tree.


Bekah said...

That's miserable! Glad you are healthy now!!!

Alleen said...

So sorry everyone was sick!!

Love the pics though. Her dress is beautiful!

Carrie said...

Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling better. So sorry you had to spend the holidays sick.

I love your annual family photo and Liv looks like a living doll in that dress.