Sunday, February 08, 2009

Last week

Last week Vinay and I were in Cancun on vacation. Olivia stayed at her Bappamama's (Vinay's Mom). and came home talking up a storm. Very clear words and even spitting out sentences!!!
More pictures to come but here is a preview.
I was the first one in our group to get a kiss from the dolphin, and he scared the crap out of me!! A few minutes later I was in the water and swimming with about 5 of them, it was awesome!!!


Michelle Riggs said...

Did you send Abby a shirt? Someone sent Abby the cutest shirt, but the company didn't give send us their contact info.

They only said it was from Nikki.

Michelle Riggs said...

PS I can't wait to show Abby this picture. She dreams of swimming with Dolphins.

Carrie said...

Cute photo with the dolphin. Way to go to Liv on the words and sentences. We have SOOOO much more language here too. It is amazing. How did you do away without Liv? I don't think I would have fun. Not ready yet.