Saturday, February 28, 2009

A room of ones own

We try to keep things neat around the house. We switch out toys, because I don't like allot of toys around and I am trying to keep reminding Olivia to clean up after herself, now if only Vinay would finally learn that. But I think it's important to have a little space for yourself, where you can decorate it yourself, and keep it however you want. So I cleaned out half of Olivia's closet and told her she could have it for her secret hiding space. She loved it and stayed in there for most of the day, reading her books, listening to her CD player, and just hanging out with her dolls.
"Mommy this place is all mine!!!!"
Being silly and rolling around with a package of diapers

Now I need a little privacy please, do not disturb.

PS please don't think I never change my daughter clothes. Olivia is still insisting in wearing PJ's all day and there are very few outfits she will put on, this happens to be one of them so she wears it at least twice a week.

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Carrie said...

Love this idea. Our friends have a little alcove and they made it their daughters space. I wish we had something like that.

I totally get the outfit thing. Savannah keeps picking the same one, so then I hide it. She doesn't want to wear her pj's all day though.