Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clifford and the potty!!

So when Vinay and I got back from Mexico I decided it was a good time to really start potty training seriously. Unfortunately Liv had other plans. It seems that while at her grandma's she developed a fear of the potty. Crying, refusing to go on, not even wanting to go on the potty at restaurants, which she always wanted to do.

So I let it go for a week or two, That's what one book said to do, hoping she would forget.

So for the past few days I have been bribing Olivia with Clifford the Big Red Dog books, to get her to go on the potty.

These are her favorite books lately and I got a good deal on a bunch off ebay.

I hide a box in the closet by the front door and every time she pees on the potty, I have her go to the front door look out and then tada, I have the box. The last few times I put in one book and a small piece of candy.

So far this is going ok, she still gets upset to go on, I have to hold her hand, and really talk up how proud Clifford and I are of her and how he is going to leave her a surprise.

The thing is I'm running out of books, she got about 5 the first time she went on because it was a big struggle to get her on, and I wanted her to be excited about going on. She also already had some of them.

So not only are there not many books left in the series, but there is not much Clifford merchandise out there. No little figurines or stickers. Oh and to top it off her favorite character on the show is T-bone, not even Clifford.

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some Clifford merchandise, anything, all I have are the books, and at the rate we are going, we will be potty training for a long time!!!!!
Also if anyone has the name of a really great potty training book, I'd love to know it!!!!


Rhonda said...

Sorry I can't help with the Clifford merchandise, but maybe you can gradually change it to a favorite candy or snack.
Amelia loves gummy worms. I have a jar with gummy worm on the back of the toilet and everytime she goes she gets a gummy worm and a sticker.
This worked pretty good.

Alleen said...

I hear you on the struggles. I swear Gabriella is going to drag it out for a year or more! I tried M&Ms and she certainly loves them, but it isn't enough to get her to want to go all the time. I have to force her to go now and she won't tell me she needs to much, so if I don't time it right, I'm just changing diapers all day still.

Kim said...

I was right where you are not long ago....and then all of the sudden....Alex decided he was ready. I don't know what happened. We aren't totally there yet, but he stayed in pull-ups all day at daycare today and only went pee in the potty. He did wet his pull-up tonight, but did go poo in the potty just before his bath.

I don't know what did it - but I am a firm believer that she will do it when she is ready. We've decided to just not push it. I'm pretty sure he'll be trained before he gets married. :)

Anonymous said...

hey nik...

I agree with Kim- with the boys i had to wait until they were ready. aidan was potty trained by 3, but with connor i had to wait a lot longer...
that being said, i am sure i have clifford books that you are more than welcome to have (and keep- we have so many books here)...

Anonymous said...

I loved the Elmo Potty Time video. I gave it to another teacher in school though. It was hilarious too, btw. But then again, I laugh at everything anyway. Watching other kids helped Em so we will have Liv follow her in the bathroom every time when we have the sleepover.