Thursday, February 08, 2007


Liv batting her eyes at her new friend Tyler.He is so cute and she is such a flirt.

Liv is so happy to meet Tyler, Tyler is playing a little hard to get. He is such a sweety.

Whenever someone who looks at the blog meets Olivia in person they are always surprised that she is so tiny. She really does come off bigger in pictures.
On Monday I had to take liv to the dr for a rash she had on her stomach, turned out to be a fungus, and now she has a cream for it. They weighted her and she was 16'3 I was shocked. On Dec 21 she went to the dr and she weighed 16pounds. Only 3 ounces in 2 months. So they charted it out for me, and at 5 months she was in the 25% for her weight, now she is in the 5%. The dr said nothing to worry about, but of course I'm worried. I don't want her to be underweight. I know she will always be tiny but I just hope I'm feeding her enough. She gets 3 meals a day and now I've increased her bottle amount, I was weaning her off them but she needs the calories. Should I be worried?

Here is my little thumbelina, you can see how tiny she really is in this picture.


Ellie Puls said...


I wouldn't really worry if the doctors say not to. At my daughters 9 month well checkup, she weight 14 lb 11 oz... but 27 inch long.

Is Oliva more active now then when she was when she was in the 25%? Once the start crawling and walking, they seem to burn more cal.

Hope that HELPS!

Anonymous said...

hey nik...
those percentages should just be eliminated. they always make us moms crazy! if the doc said she is good, then i wouldn't worry. that being said, i know you are probably worried. i am sure she is fine (she looks great!) but if it makes you feel better, maybe you can add in a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack? now that she is on the move more, she is probably burning up those calories like a champ!!

Crystal said...

oooh honey I would not worry --she looks so happy and healthy and so so so cute and adorable!!! We are the opposite over here-- my hubby went out of town and came back and said "Crystal what have you been feeding her!!!" :o)

amy said...

Hi, I found your blog off of Julia's, I have two daughters from Guatemala, my older daughter 2 1/2 Isabella is a big girl and always has been in 95% or above, my second daughter Gabrielle, almost 18 months is a peanut, about 21 pounds, just started wearing size 3 shoes and is just in 12 month clothes, rarely 18 months, she is just now on the height/weight chart, she has been walking since just before 12 months. I wouldnt worry about it, Liv looks beautiful, healthy and happy

Kim said...

I also wouldn't worry. Alex is at the 50% for weight and he doesn't weigh much more than Liv. She does look very healthy and happy!!

ginger said...

She looks perfect to me.

The McKenzie Crew said...

You are a wonderful Momma. Just look at that big smile and look into those eyes - I see a pretty petite princessa:)
Some of us are tall (ME-5'10") and some of us are short (HOLYY G>:)
Some of us re thin (my daughter Juliana) and some of us are chunky (JOhn-Bryan).
We are all perfect - just the way God made us - and your little one is too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

She may be tiny iny but she's still beautiful. If the doc says not to worry-listen to them. But I know I would worry too. Just keep feeding her and loving her..You are a terrific mommy.