Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wow what a weekend, part 2

I am really behind on this post but Vinay has been away again, and my Mom was here, so we've been doing some good old fashioned girl bonding. Hanging out with Liv, watching the snow, drinking hot coco, and have some good laughs.

So on Sunday we had Olivia's Christening, finally. We had her sort of christened in Guatemala so I was such a procrastinator, I kept saying after the holiday we'll have it, and here it is already Feb. So I threw it together in 2 weeks, then we decided to also do the Indian cradling ceremony the same day.

Here is Liv and her Godparents, my cousin Kate and Vinay's friend Victor. Olivia looks like such a little doll in her dress. The same dress I wore for my Christening 32 years ago. My Mom kept the dress in a cedar chest and it was in perfect condition. pure white and it fit Liv like a glove, she was meant to wear that dress.

Olivia and her 2 Grandmothers in the church. The ceremony was very nice and Liv was an angel the entire time. She didn't say a peep. Although her Binky can take credit for that.

Olivia right after she was Christened with the holy water. I love how the sun is shining on her in this picture. It's like a kiss from God.

Us right after she was christened. Once again the sun in this shot gives me goose bumps.

Olivia during the cradling ceremony. I had to take part in the ceremony so there are not too many pictures. Cradling is an Indian tradtion to bless a baby. Here is how it went.

Vinay Mom and My Mom, honor me the mother with gifts, fruit, sweets, and flowers for bringing this baby into the family.

Then the 2 grandmothers pass a small rock, decorated and wrapped like a baby, over the cradle 6 times. The rock is a symbol of the babies guardian angel. the rock is then placed at the head of the cradle.

Then the 2 grandmothers pass the baby over the cradle 6 times. each time praying for the child to be safe, happy, healthy, and prosperous.

The baby is then placed in the cradle, and she is now considered blessed and safe to sleep in that cradle.

It was very wonderful for us to do both our religions for Olivia. Vinay and I have always embraced each others faith and we plan to raise Olivia with both religions.


ginger said...

That was so sweet. She looked perfect!!! What a day??

Ellie Puls said...

She looks beautiful! You all look so happy...

You would happen to have a copy of the ceremony would you? I am looking into baptisming Angelena here in the states too...


Alleen said...

She's just gorgeous in that dress! How special that it was your dress as a baby.

The McKenzie Crew said...

Golly - I was up sick all night and already feeling like I could cry at the drop of a hat!
That is the sweetest post! How wonderful that she wore your dress! What an incredible heritage you have already built for this baby girl! You guys are giving her the true essence of family from the start - I respect that so much!
I love the Indian cradle ceremony_BEAUTIFUL!!!!
I love that!! How awesome that you guys have so much love and so much of yourselves to give her. She is destined to grow up to be a world changing chick!!


Crystal said...

ooh my goodness --these pictures are beautiful!!! How special is that about your dress--it is totally true like she was really meant to wear that special dress!!! Don't worry about us --it sounds like you and your mom had a lot of fun!!! --that is what I pray I will have with my daughter!!! xoxo

Kerry said...

What a beautiful baby girl you have there. That Christening dress is amazing.

A Special Family said...

Oh how very very beautiful! I am from a multi religion family and it is wonderful to embrase different customs and cultures. A real blessing.

Looks like a beautiful day. I love the traditions...
Happy Christening little one

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend you had and liv looks so cute in the pictures.(daddy and mommy look very happy!)Guess you are resting up after such a busy weekend!Snuggle up-I hear from Brian it is a bit chilly in NJ . Bene's mom