Monday, February 12, 2007

WOW what a weekend, part 1

On Saturday we went to Gia's 1st birthday party. I finally got to meet Gia's awsome family that I have been reading about all these months. We also got to meet Maya and her family. Maya is such a little doll and her brother Brian is so funny. We had a great time. Here are some of the pictures.

"Olivia darling, how nice of you to come to my poodle party" "Oh Gia you look divine"
These Guatemalan beauties should be on the cover of a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Maya, dear that hairbow looks gorgeous, so nice to finally meet you" "Olivia is that dress new how lovely"
"You mean i get to have this whole cake to myself!!!!
"Aunt Vin it really is past my bedtime, I must be going, Daddy pull the car around"

I was inspired by this night to post like this because Olivia lost one shoe, just like Cinderella, and then walking to the car we found it in the street. Unfortuatly it was run over by a car. So this princess is on the market for some new shoes!!!!


The McKenzie Crew said...

Priceless post!!!!

Crystal said...

I am cracking up about your little princess's shoe!!! That is just so funny!!! I have told you this before but I just love your blog--you just crack me up!!! I love the pics!!!!

ginger said...

I love this post. The pictures are way too cute.

A Special Family said...

What a great weekend! I only just found Gia's site and then it was gone!
I am laughing at the shoe! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, so pleased to have found yours!!
Love Guatemalan adoption blogs!!!