Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wild Livapalooza Weekend

Blogger finally let me upload pictures, but I had so many that I only posted pictures from the weekend. We had a great time and I'm glad we celebrated all the events. I'm already excited for next year because Liv will be able to appreciate the events.

My baby girl at the beach on Friday. Let's just say the kite flying did not go as planned. I could not fly the kite and chase after her at the same time so I gave up.
A weak attempt at a self portrait.
I love this look, she always looks at me like "Mom what in the world are you doing now?"
Liv's little footprints in the sand.
Happily eating her fries at dinner. She also ate some mozzarella sticks, and spaghetti, which is really allot for her.
Saturday, Tyler and his parents came over in the morning. It was sunny so we took the kids to the beach. Here is Tyler enjoying his bottle.
John, Tyler's Dad, dug Liv a big hole. She loved to play in it.
Liv and Tyler playing on the beach
Saturday night we went to the boardwalk, all the rides were closed. But we put them on this little car in the arcade. Liv "Tyler are you sure you know how to drive, you know you are 9 months younger than me"
"Ahhhhh I'm out of here, this boy has a lead foot. I'll drive with you when were 17, if my Dad lets me."

"Daddy show me your skee ball skills"
Dinner Saturday night
All ready for the party on Sunday.
"Charlotte how dare you have a birthday on My weekend!!!!!!!"
Liv bouncing in the air walker

Grandma Col took Liv on a pony ride.
Then we went on a hay ride.
Liv waiting for the great pumpkin.
Finally a happy birthday to Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More pictures to come from the rest of the week!!


Shannon said...

LOVE the little pigtails!!! She is so adorable!!

Bekah said...

I also LOVE the little pigtails. Oh my, she could not be any cuter!

Alleen said...

Love all the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet she will love Livapalooza every year!!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Great pics. Looks like you had fun.

Sharon & Bill said...

Great pictures!!! She is soooo cute!!! I can't wait for my own Livapalooza!!!


Crystal said...

Nikki--okay I am catching up here -I am just dying over her little pigtails and pumpkin shirt!!! OOOH she is such a little dollbaby!!! And you I know I always tell you this but girl you looked like you just step off the cover of VOGUE!!!! You go girl!!! Thanks for posting pics I love them!!!! xoxoxox

The McKenzie Crew said...

Perfect post -
perfect pics!
ADORABLE aby girl in pigtails:)

Love it all