Thursday, October 11, 2007


One year ago today my baby girl was placed in my arms forever. Never again would I have to ask someone if I could see my baby, never again would we be separated for unknown lengths of time.
As we are celebrating this wonderful event, I am also keeping in my thoughts all those we are still waiting for this day to happen. Especially Shannon and Bekah, you guys are due your OUT and we are praying it is soon.
Olivia would like to dedicate this post to a sweet baby who shares her name, Miss Olivia Grace.
Her family is patiently waiting for her to come home. Check out her blog:

Now for the festivities.
we are going down the shore. Liv and I will be going to fly her Guatemalan kite on the beach. Daddy will be joining us later for a nice family dinner.

Liv's friend Tyler will be joining us down the shore. I will make some homemade guacamole and attempt to make fried plantains. We are also going to take the kids on some rides on the boardwalk. Mommy Daddy and Tyler's parents will continue the celebration after the kids go to sleep with margaritas in the deck.

Liv's cousin Charlotte's birthday party. Partying with all my family at a pumpkin patch.

Liv has her "Little gym" class. Fun for her, I'm not so crazy about it, but that's another post.

I'd like to take Liv to church, we haven't been going as often as we should.

Guatemalan dinner including Guatemalan cheesecake. I'll post recipes that day.

Now on to the pictures

Minutes after Liv was placed in our arms forever. Look how comfortable she was to finally be in her Daddy's arms.
Embassy day, wow this year really did go fast.
One of my favorite pictures. This was taken after the pool. Us just hanging out bonding as a family.


Kim said...

This year has gone fast (our Embassy day was a year ago yesterday) - but on the other hand, I feel like one year ago was a life time ago. I think it's just because our lives have changed so much.

Liv looks like she was born to fit in your arms!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Alleen said...

You guys are one beautiful family. The memories are wonderful, aren't they??

Sharon & Bill said...

Thank you so much for dedicating your post to Olivia!!! You are so sweet!!

Looks like you have some very busy days ahead. Enjoy every minute of them.

I love seeing the pictures of your Olivia when you picked her up. She is soooo cute!! My how fast they grow!!

Have a great weekend!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

What a great family!!! The week sounds like sooooo much fun. Can't wait to see pictures.

Carrie said...

What wonderful memories. It is amazing how fast time goes and all the great feelings that brings back of holding her forever and never letting go!