Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still no camera

I can't fix my camera, so I either have to go out and buy a new not so great one now. Or wait for Santa to bring me a really nice one for Christmas. But to go more than 2 months without a camera. My mom has a crappy digital camera that I might use if we can find the computer cord for it.

We have a busy week starting tomorrow. Liv has a birthday party to go to tomorrow, then on Friday her "little gym" is having their Halloween party. Saturday is another Halloween party at Liv's friend Emily's house. Then on Sunday we are going pumpkin picking. Who knew I had to have a kid to have a busy social life?

Here is a picture of Liv my aunt took. We had a little photo shoot one day during Livapalooza. This one is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!


Angel said...

Thanks for the comment!! WE ARE SOOOO HAPPY! :0)

Sorry about your camera. BUMMER! Hope Santa is good to ya.


Alleen said...

that stinks about your camera. I say make do with a crappy one and get a good one. I had Santa come early and I am expecting mine to be delivered today or tomorrow. I'm so excited!!!! I couldn't handle the delays any more and splurged on an SLR.

Kim said...

I don't think *I* can wait two months for pics of Liv!! :)

Ellie Puls said...

Uh.... I think Santa needs to come Early... Should I send you some Xmas paper for Santa to wrap it in?

You know, there is a holiday coming up in NJ... Election Day 11/6/2007. You know, Santa is getting kind of old, and people up in those ages sometimes get there holidays messed up... Maybe Santa will think it is Christmas!



Alleen said...

I got the Nikon D40. It came today and I'm so excited to try it. Problem is, the memory card I ordered isn't here yet, so I can't try it yet :-(

Sharon & Bill said...

Great picture!!! Life certainly changes when you have kids. I don't even have Olivia yet and I have more of a social life than I ever did before!!

I do hope Santa comes early...I love seeing new pictures!!!


Carrie said...

She is so beautiful!

I know how you feel. Our camera broke 1 week before we went to Hawaii and I was in a panic. I bought a cheapy camera, but it is Panasonic, so it is reliable. I love it and I don't worry about it like the expensive camera and it takes great photos. I got one with a lot of megapixals, but no other bells and whistles. All I care about is my photos of Savannah, so I don't need anything fancy!