Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun in the sun, Memorial Day.

For Memorial Day weekend our good friends Victor and Tara and kiddo's spent time with us down the shore. Liv loved having kids to play with and has been asking for Ava since we got home!!

Liv and Ava sharing toys and dinner.
Ava and Luca, such a cute picture.

Liv using her climbing skills.

Yes the weather was only in the low 70's and yes the water is only 59 degrees, but Liv did not care!!!

Liv and Ava running from the waves.


Leslie said...

Kids dont care about the cold...THEY ARE amazing!!!

Love the pics of all the cute kiddos!

Lesley said...

Love seeing the kids-wish they could stay young and so-carefree forever!Bene has landed in Jersey and I understand this was Boys at the Shore house Saturday!!Humm-I'll have to fly us for GNO(girls night out)as I think I qualify as I sit here babysitting my two panting away 4legged "grandkidogs"!Les