Monday, June 01, 2009

Questions about her past.

This picture is in a frame on a table in our house. The other day Liv was looking at the pictures and I told her that was her when she was a little baby. She then asked me Who's hand that was in the picture. I said that it was" Anna Maria the lady who took care of her until mommy could come and get you". Liv got a little upset and said "no Mommy stay". Which is what she says when I have to leave her with someone even Vinay. Olivia is very attached to me, even still. I just held Olivia in my lap and said "no Olivia your with Mommy now and I will always be your Mommy". I didn't know what else to say but to reassure her that she will always be with me. We have always been open with Olivia that she was adopted, but how much does she understand now at 3? And how much should I try to explain to her?
Guess it's time to start reading my adoption books


Leslie said...

sooo cute!!!

My Abby just turned 3 a few weeks ago...i took the pic of her bmother and her and put it in a frame and that helps me talk a little about her past!!! She doest really get it but she is at least familiar with it!


Valerie said...

Logan is four and we say that I'm his "forever mommy". Ava is still to young to understand. We do have lots of adoption related kids books. Logan loves "Over the Moon".