Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 years and happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Vinay. Here is a picture from our visit trip.

3 years ago Miss Olivia was placed in our arms for 5 short wonderful days.
Here is my post from that first day.

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to let you all know that Vinay, Olivia, and I are doing fine. We made it thru our first 24 hours. Olivia is so beautiful in person, and I can't believe how much in love we are with her already. The first night was rough however she did sleep till 10 AM. I have broken every mommy rule I had for myself, but oh well.

Just for fun I thought I recap the last 24 hours.

6pm Olivia is brought to the hotel, we are given instructions(she sleeps at 9, up at 1, up at 5, bath at 8am)
7pm up in the room with her, Vinay's first words in private w/ her WHATS UUUUUPPPP. What a dork
8pm Olivia wants to eat, OK we feed her but she does not want to burp.
9pm she's suppose to be asleep, she is up crying, Vinay insists I put her down and let her cry it out for 10 min. I only last 3.
10pm she goes to sleep, I also try to sleep but keep checking on her.
11pm Vinay realizes he forgot his contact stuff, too bad is my response.
11:15 Vinay looses a contact in bed, too bad is my response.
1am wakes for bottle, I get up.
4am wakes for bottle, Vinay get up tries to change diaper w/ out glasses.
7am, wakes for bottle, I get up.
8am goes back to sleep till 10am, we completely miss bath time, OH well.

Honestly Vinay is doing great and we are having a blast, spent some hours at the pool, napped and have had fun dressing her up. I'd send pictures but I'm too tired to to figure it out. We hope to send some soon and we will love to share stories when we come home. Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes for this trip.


Lesley said...

How funny is this to read now!I am so envious you have these blogs so you will remember all the little details! I have to rely on my every aging brain-I do remember being up all night putting my finger under the baby's nose to be sure she was breathing!!This was pre-monitor days so we had her literaly 2inches from our bed in the cradle. Funny!! HFD Vinay!
Bene's Mom

Anonymous said...

I love the "too bad" comments....that is the best!