Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ch ch ch chia

Vaishu gave me this chia pet grass head for mother day. Since the first day we got it Olivia has wanted to cut it's hair, even when it didn't have any. Yesterday it was long enough to cut. So we got out the kid scissors and Liv had a ball.

Posing with it before the haircut. Don't mind Liv's dirty face, she had just finished lunch.
Cutting it

Loving it.

Giving it a bath

The finished cut. Actually it's hair is even shorter today, Liv insisted on cutting it some more!!


les said...

Nice job on the Chia. I am jealous as I had one and the hair never grew-lack of green thumb maybe?Les

Dena said...

We want a Chia pet!! That looks fun!

Leslie said...

that is CUTE!

Alleen said...

Too cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mine is dying I have no clue why...maybe I need to run it under water...