Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ice cream and speech

Today was Liv's first visit with the speech therapist. She was really nice and Liv warmed up to her quickly. Mostly the visit was just to meet us and for her to asses Liv for herself.

I was happy because the evaluation team, although they were nice, they were just plain wrong about some things. They said she should be able to climb stairs correctly, did they not see her tiny legs. They also said she has a short attention span, and she has trouble focusing. They came in with a bag full of puzzles and toys, and of course she could not get her mind off the toys. Hello she's a toddler!

So the therapist today said that she will use all things that are already in the house, and she will start by teaching us, both me and Liv, some sign language. I was really surprised, I thought by using signs we were encouraging her not to talk. But if we use the sign with the words, we learned "please" and "thank you" today, the words will eventually come.

I must admit as a Mom I was very protective after the evaluation. I did allot of, "Not my child", and I was feeling like maybe I was somehow failing Liv. I thought maybe I wasn't pushing her enough, and that I baby her too much. But actually starting therapy is making me feel more in control. So that even if I do baby her or if I'm overprotective,which I am, I can still help her. Let's just say I'm really happy I pushed for this, for Liv.

Enjoying her own ice cream cone, she used to share w/ Daddy, but she would eat most of it, so now she gets her own.
Doing a dance for ice cream!!!
"Did Mommy hide any vegatables in here?" I wish I could!
Showing me that she is eating ice cream.
"Ma just leave me in peace to finish this cone."


Anonymous said...

Hey, Nik. remember I used to sign with Em all the time beofre she really started talking. I have a Baby Einstein video you can have with things around the house and they speak it and sign it.

JuJu - said...

Yeah Liv - glad you are BOTH learning the ropes and I am telling you - Nikki - you will fell so much better as she learns and you see her face light up as she signs to you and can communicate well:)

I am happy for you guys and I know she is going to be talking up a storm in NO time:)


Kim said...

Love the ice cream pics!!

I will give a plug for the Signing Time videos - LOVE THEM!! Check your PBS station (they show them here) and we just DVR them. You are doing the right thing for Liv!! :)

Carrie said...

I am so glad you said that. I feel the same way with Savannah since she is not really speaking. I called our birth to three program and I am waiting for a a call back. As first time moms, we feel so insecure and I feel like if she doesn't develop properly or on time, it is my fault. I agree with you with the assessment and the attention span and such. The "experts" are not the "experts" on everything.

Love the ice cream photos! How cute! Savannah is that way with ice pops (which are actually fruit bars)

Alleen said...

ha! If you want to see a short attention span and lack of focus, spend a day in this house!!

I think Liv seems laid back enough and she will really flourish with the therapy.

We're still not getting anywhere here. She's picking up a few words, but just on her own I think. I'm keeping at it though.

Sharon & Bill said...

She will do great with speech therapy. I manage a speech and occupational therapy office and I see the progress that the children make, especially when the parents continuously practice what the therapist teaches.

She will be talking in no time!!!

Olivia is learning signs in school and talking a lot more since she is around other children. Knowing signs has helped diminish her frustration in trying to communicate with us. She knows what she wants she just can't always verbalize it.

Love the pictures. Now I want an ice cream cone!!


Michelle Smiles said...

Glad it went well. And that cone looks yummy! (See? I can't stay on task if someone shows me ice cream.)

Our Family of 5 said...

She is a cutie eating that ice cream cone all by herself!