Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter pics!!

Easter was fun. Except Liv is going thru a phase, I hope, where she gets extra clingy when there are allot of people around. So I was trying to finish cooking and put everything out with Liv in one arm. Liv loved hunting for eggs with her cousins, and all the practicing we've done over the past few weeks paid off, she found a ton of eggs.

Miss Liv in her Easter best. It was chilly so she had to wear a sweater. Her bows are handmade by Holly G. Check out her site at www.dahollygbow.com
Chasing some bubbles.
Family portrait.
Liv and her Bapamma
Hunting for eggs like a pro!!!!


Kim said...

I LOVE the dress!!! Oh - see - this is why I need a little girl - little boy clothes aren't nearly as much fun!!!

(and love the bows - Holly rocks!!)

JuJu - said...

Gorgeous as ever:):)

you guys have a beautiful family:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the dress and the family portrit is a winner! As for her being clingy she is right on target-clingy then on to the "I am 2 and I have a mind of my own" age!Best wishes to you all!Les,Bene's Mom!

Carrie said...

Love the dress. It is such a bummer that is so cold. We are supposed to get sleet and snow tonight and tomorrow morning and then it is going to be 30 degrees. Yuck. Where is Spring?

Savannah is so clingy--all the time, every age, every day. I am enjoying the cuddles now, because there will be time she won't want any.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I love that dress. I looked every where for one. No place had Maya's size. The family pic is great.

Ellie said...

Great Post....

You have been tagged... See my blog for details...


Sharon said...

They do have very similar dresses on and the sweater is definitely the same. We both have good taste. Both of our girls look great in lavender!! I love her hair bows and her ballet outfit is adorable!!

Thanks for the tag. Olivia is working on hers right now.