Friday, July 27, 2007

What's for dinner?

She loves to sit like this in her highchair. One leg up, one leg dangling.

Last night Olivia ate her first meal that did not include any babyfood. She has gotten better with eating, she will try more things as long as mommy or daddy are eating them first. So last night I gave her tri color pasta w/veggies and fishsticks. I finally felt like she was feeding herself enough, that I didn't have to supplement it with a jar of babyfood. But now what do I feed this girl if not babyfood? I will usually cook dinner, except if Vinay is away, then it's just soup and sandwich. So I was just wondering what all of you with toddlers feed your children? Do you make something separate for them or do they eat what you eat? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Happy weekend everyone!!!


A Special Family said...

She is soooo cute!!!

Our Family of 5 said...

So cute! We feed Miss Sophia (almost 19 months old) what ever we are eating. She loves loves love Lunchable Jr.s We found them at Walmart. They have bite size pieces of Turkey, Mozzerella Cheese pieces and little crackers. They have another one that I know of with Pretzels and peanut butter, etc.
Just a suggestion!
Lisa & Sophia Ü

Crystal said...

okay Nikki I am going to be checking back like crazy because I go thru this too!!! A couple weeks after we were home I gave her a blueberry muffin and she was hooked on people food she will not eat ANY baby food. If I even try to sneak it in her she looks at me like I am crazy!!!!!! :O)

She loves normal food!!!!!! I feed her everything!!! I try to stay healthy but sometimes I feel like she is getting bored with same stuff and I am constantly trying to come up with things both her and Caleb like! I will be back! :O)

cm said...

We are just starting out on people food, so I am also very interested. Alice adores avocado and quinoa (go figure!). She actually likes mixed spring greens also, although she won't eat much salad. Tomorrow I plan to make sweet potato oven fried, as I expect those will be a hit.

Oh, and did I mention blueberries!!!

When I asked my mom for food recommendation she, bless her, called to let me know that I could peel a grape for Alice and feed it to her. I tried to explain as nicely as possible that Alice's mama wouldn't be peeling any grapes!

Anonymous said...

hey nik...we do a ton of fruit with the boys too. i totally make them different things than what we are eating (connor is very picky). grilled cheese is a big favorite, grilled chicken, cut up veggies really small, etc.

Alleen said...

I pretty much feed her whatever we eat as long as it isn't too spicy. She eats a lot of chicken, rice, pasta, veggies and fruit.

I always have turkey and cheese on hand and that is a default if she can't eat what we are or I am in a hurry.

Gabriella LOVES black beans or red beans right out of the can(rinsed), any kind of plain veggies(green beans, corn, carrots, lima beans, asparagus, broccoli). I just serve them room temperature or cold and she doesn't know the difference.

blueberries, strawberries, mango(I buy the jarred, refrigerated kind), mandarin oranges, peaches, pears, bannanas. Any kind of fruit really.

For breakfast, it's some combo of: frozen, whole-grain pancakes or waffles, Yo Baby yogurt, scrambled eggs, low-sugar instant oatmeal and fruit.

Interestingly enough, she hates french fries and isn't crazy about chicken fingers/nuggets.

I have discovered lately that she LOVES, LOVES grilled salmon!! Small amounts of fish are ok, just make sure no shellfish.

Corey said...

Similiar to Alleen... Luke HATES fried foods..
Loves gilled fish and chicken...
Usually I do prepare him a separate dinner, only in the sense that I leave off whatever seasoning I am using... If its something I know he wont eat, I make him Easy Mac (best invention ever) and cut up some fruit
We do the same breakfasts as Alleen

Kerry said...

Cameron eats a lot of applesauce, yogurt(LOVES yogurt), cut up lunchables, graham cracker stix for snacks, fruit cups, and dinner is usually whatever we eat cut up into small pieces. He actually loves spicy stuff. He eats a lot of soup too, which is the only place I can get him to get a vegetable from. I try to buy the low sodium ones, and then cook them on the stove with extra water to cook even more of the salt out. Then I drain all the water and just give him the veggies, noodles, or whatever is in it. He loves soup. I also get him the little individual size ravioli, beefaroni...etc and he likes those too.

I'm going to try the veggie chips. They sound really good. Learn from me though, don't give her any pretzels. We've had bad experience with pretzels...even little pieces. He handles anything else crunchy pretty well though.

Carrie said...

I do a combination of both on food--depending on what I am eating and if she likes it. If we have chicken or turkey she always gets some (but doesn't always eat it). I will usually give her pasta and always veggies and fruit, because I have a veggie and fruit girl! Protein is our challenge.

She always has tomatoes and berries, because those are her favorites.

Good luck. It is an adventure feeding a toddler. Our pediatrician says if you get one good meal a day consider yourself lucky.